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  1. Peace

    I HATE Ponies ....

    maybe later DRACULA - first I have to ressurrect from death - maybe you want to help ?
  3. Peace

    TYPHON is the Thick fly in everybodys soup. We give a shit .... hahahahahaha !!!!!!!!! (i drunk)

    Many of knwo who I am . But still not believe in me. But I need the support of all believers, if you want to support me , a first step could be to follow me. If I have many followers it would be a good start. If you need to contact me ingame (I am the "Royal Pope Santa Klaus" from the Nation Christ Mess Lands, Ally ist Typhon ! ) Maybe i can make your wishes going true. But i am also limited in my actions. I accept any contribution for my Christmeesfoundation. Those who deserves it will gain a gift - others will gain many bombs on their heads. But I need as many eys and ears as possible for my holy mission ! I count on you ! HO HO HOOOO !!!!!
  5. Favorite Mortal Kombat Character

    First Skorpion, than Rayden and Kano. Skorpion is the hotest. Rayden is the cooestl. Kano ist the terminator.
  6. The Vatican: Rebirth of the Church

    The Throne was MINE !!!!
  7. insult

    ava is avi (from avatar) the picture in the perfil
  8. insult

    what is about the ava ? this is Vegan-food.
  9. insult

    quote: " From: Dakai Date: 07/27/2017 Thursday 9:13 am go eat some little gay piece of're not going to get single penny from me. d_ick wad--------------From: Dakai Date: 07/27/2017 Thursday 9:15 am how many nukes did take to defeat me? oh yeah a lot you f_ucking retards--------------From: Dakai Date: 07/27/2017 Thursday 9:16 am artistic piece of s_hit