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  1. Suiciding into a larger nation in an effort to bring them into range of more of your alliance for a counter attack has always been a thing here. It is a common technique for destroying planes and ships. bringing a larger nation down in score.  In the 10-25 city range it is common. Is there some whining over this ? 

  2. How much "Beige baiting "? and "slot filling"? is actually happening during war ? This seems like we are addressing a minor problem with big changes. I can not recall ever seeing a case of either one.  I have had a few wars and have been here a minute.  Are we talking 5% of all wars or 25%? This matters.  It seems like you are trying to fix a minor problem with a hammer.

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  3. Target City
                                 KamenkaBalotaKamenskBerezhkiVysotovoKomarovoSeverogradStary YarMyshkinoKrasnostavZaprudnoeVyshnoyeKhelmChernobylSvetlojarskKalinovkaGrishinoKarmanovkaOrlovetsVerkhnayaTopolinkiVavilovoPetrovkaSoborOlshaZvirZelenogorskBerizinoKozlovkaNewcastle                        

    City Age City Infrastructure Last Nuclear Attack
    1 days 2,103.17 Last Nuked 491.5 Days Ago
    War Type Damage Modifier Max Infrastructure Damage Military Action Point Cost
    50% 916.27 12
  4. On 1/4/2023 at 8:14 PM, Kadin said:

    This is a total BS narrative contrived for the sole purpose of giving a moral justification for selfishness. These public assistance programs are there to help people survive the day-to-day, they are not meant to solve all of an individual's problems or to set them up for long-term success. Furthermore, if you are so concerned with giving individuals the tools they need to succeed in the modern economy, I would expect you to be advocating for full public funding of university students and vocational training as well as childcare for working single parents. Something tells me the same person who objects to giving the poor enough money to feed their kids for the month is not going to be particularly keen on that kind of spending.


    I know you spelled it differently, but I hereby revoke your right to wear the name Whiskers. You don't deserve the privilege. 

    It is far from a BS narrative. I have worked in the big city ghettos for years and seen what goes on. So much welfare money gets turned into drug money.  Almost any government program turns into waste and abuse. Handing the government money for a program is like handing a chimp an AK-47. Name a successful government program in the last 40 years. I will wait.  Vocational training I am all for. I am for a limited welfare with a maximum lifetime benefit of 5 years. The money handed out right now goes well beyond feeding kids. There needs to be some incentive to get off welfare and not live 38 years in government housing. There were poor before welfare. There will always be some level of poor. Americans have no idea what poor really looks like. Poor does not mean you have only 48 channels of cable. Poor is living in a mudhut making $5 a day selling fish you caught out of a local lake. 

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  5. You detonated a nuclear weapon upon the nation of IJN dry dock led by Alti. The attack destroyed 1,964.00 infrastructure in the city of Akagi, and killed approximately 196,145 people, you monster! You also destroyed a drydock and an uranium mine, plus 5 ships.



    Here is a nuke I fired off today. The 5 ships are not added to my damage total. Why ?  It does seem like they should be added.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Jacob Knox said:

    I don't think you understand how statistics works. It's not guaranteeing that 20% of nukes will be stopped and 80% will hit. It says that given an attempted nuclear strike, the project has a 20% chance of blocking it and an 80% chance of not blocking it. The probabilities of any two nukes being blocked are completely independent. Whether or not Nuke 1 hits has literally 0 impact on the probability of whether or not Nuke 2 hits.



    I understand that. I would think over time the number comes into focus and the number of nuke hits should be  along the lines of an 80% hit rate. If not then something seems like it is not as advertised 

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