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  1. It's going to cause a large portion of active members to leave.
  2. As a 2 city nation running 1000 infra in these cities and 1500 land, I'm a bit pissed with this. According to your mediocre update I can't cap my soldiers and I will get less tanks than I was already getting which is annoying because I could not reach my 2500 cap and was stopped at 1788 which will be less now I'm sure. Nations like mine or pb intend to stay small and you basically screw us over with this update. Not impressed and I am strongly considering packing up and leaving this game.
  3. I can definitely touch up your design. I would charge 500k to do a basic touch up (solid color) or 750k for additional shading. Do you have a line weight preference?
  4. Your alliance war flags: Thank you for your support, enjoy!
  5. Nation Name: Mafia Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=27958
  6. I can put in the tedious work needed since I will be off work this holiday season. I noticed in the work you had done before they made it change color slightly with the movement. Do you want it a solid red or would you like variation?
  7. I have minimal experience with GIFs, but I know how they are done. If you could give me a description of what you have in mind I'll have no problem doing it for 350k. However, since MadMax has more experience, if you prefer to work with him feel free. By the way, your current signature is amazing! Maybe I should be buying from you.
  8. Capone's Illustrative Artistry (CIA) offers high quality graphics to customize your Politics and War experience! Our corporation offers the following selection: Memes $100,000 (Down Payment: $15,000) Photoshop-ed Signatures $350,000 (Down Payment: $52,500) Forum Headers $400,000 (Down Payment: $60,000) Photoshop-ed Flags $500,000 (Down Payment: $75,000) Advertisements $600,000 (Down Payment: $90,000) Photoshop-ed Variation Package $750,000 (Down Payment: $112,500) Outline Sketch Work $1 million (Down Payment: $150,000) Detailed Sketch Work $2 million (Down Payment: $300,000) Alliance/ Nation Backgrounds $4 million (Down Payment: $600,000) *CIA does not create forum pips* *IMPORTANT NOTIFICATIONS* All purchases require a 15% down payment that is nonrefundable. Photoshop-ed creation(s) will be completed in under 48 hours after consolation. Sketch work creation(s) will be completed in under 72 hours after consolation. To schedule a consolation leave a comment below or PM Al Capone's nation. Your experience is important to us, any feedback is appreciated! Not happy with your purchase? A final payment does not need to be made. Help us build our PnW portfolio! Our first three clients get a 45% discount on any purchase!
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