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    I.R.O.N. I wish, or atleast in spirit

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  1. To my (probably) flawed knowledge, tanks, aircraft, and ships do not seize money. Equpping your soldiers with munitions will not increase the maximum loot. You should only equip them with munitions if the enemy has a sizeable ground force.
  2. I've been looking forward to wiping the slate clean for a while now. Welp. Here it is. 4th Of July, America themed nation. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=316939 Looking forward to this ratio.
  3. Honestly though, the necroposting gets on my nerves,
  4. Not sure if this should go in Quality of Life suggestions, but I'm gonna play it safe and post here, move if you must. The premise of this idea is to allow for auto-trading of resources off of the market. So like, automatically buying 70 coal per turn from the lowest seller, automatically selling 800 steel per day to the highest bidder, so and so. My biggest concern would be servers. I'm not very sure if processing multiple auto-transactions would overload the servers too much. I do feel like this could be useful for when you use high amounts of a specific resource, and don't have the time (or immediately available money) to mass-purchase. So what do you guys think? Alright idea? Or another spew of slobber that should have stayed shut in my head.
  5. Seems to be an established alliance. Almost 2 years, good performance. Unless I'm missing something.
  6. It’s alright, was suspicious because Locutus detected me as a multi/reroll in FSO, so I thought ‘Woodstock’ had a bad rep when you pointed out ban evasion.
  7. Ah. How fortunate of me to not be given a bounty for my absolute war crime of an alliance. ... Yeah, I'm DEFINITELY getting bounty'd for this. Irony is, we're both nations with Woodstock in the leader title.
  8. "Using wind power is horrible and anybody who recommends using it is an idiot." -Me, an idiot.
  9. How to remember how to spell the word "Miscellaneous":

    As with most long words, you can split the word up into more familiar words, prefixes, or suffixes.


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