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  1. Ich war srefubrugbtpain :(Disintegrate GIF - Disintegrate - Discover & Share GIFs

  2. Let me chip in my 2 bad cents. So at the time of typing this, the market price of food is 134, and munitions is 1819 so 5,000 Soldiers should cost $27,757, but do keep in mind that I rounded up food costs. Now tanks are worth 10 armed soldiers. Why? "In battle, one tank is worth 40 unarmed soldiers." Because munitions raise the effectiveness of soldiers by 75%, In order to compensate, we set the number of soldiers to 25% of 40, which is 10. Simple and likely incorrect math. Now, We add in gas which is 2677. If we add it up for steel and munitions 100 tanks cost $178,596, most of it from steel (only a few dozen bucks added from war resources). Let's do some more lame and probably incorrect math! One soldier is 396.53 Armed. One tank is 1785.96. Multiply 396.53 by 10 and you get 3,965.30. Huh, almost seems like the cost of tanks should be RAISED. Although I do believe the higher cost of Factories than Barracks offset this. Except the deal is that prices of resources and change and fluctuate constantly. Considering that resources tend to gradually go down (you want to get more sales with lower prices so that more people buy from you to save a quick buck). Unless some direct attempts to increase or decrease prices happen, as such with lead I would assume.
  3. I think the spam/abuse could be moderated, likely just the bare minimum of 5 moderation points or so, unless it's continual. I would guess it doesn't really harm anyone outside of people reviewing the actual war history but would be super annoying. Or add a cooldown for peace offerings.
  4. Rather tedious and petty, I know, but then again, I think it could be convenient; especially after that whole Cosmonauts-Aurora thing (but let's not jump into that rabbit hole). I think some content contained in the message history would be; "[1st Leader Title/ 1st Leader Name] of [1st Nation Name] submitted a peace offering to [2nd Leader Title/ 2nd Leader Name] of [2nd Nation Name]. The proposed truce was [approved/denied/ignored/revoked] (approved if peace was accepted, denied if peace was declined using (may need a refresh on whether or not specific military action for "decline peace offering" is present) specific decline peace military action, ignored for decline by military action, and revoked if peace offering was taken back by offerer). An example would be: John Doe of Example Nation submitted a peace offering to Anonymous of Test Nation. The proposed truce was ignored. If the peace was accepted, the message could just be "John Doe of Example Nation submitted a peace offering to Anonymous of Test Nation.", followed by the usual message for when a peace deal is accepted and the war ends in a seperate textbox. Open to criticism.
  5. did we go from article 3 to baseball in one page nah
  6. New Achievement: Hellbringer Significantly contribute to starting a major conflict. Actually I think I will
  7. Was seriously considering downvoting, now will. Edit: Possible that the RoH witholds downright lies.
  8. Well I don't think this has gone all-too grandly.
  9. Got some context, no clue what happened behind the scenes but seriously, I think nukes go too far. Can I just declare neutrality of some sort in this conflict, I condemn the usage of Nuclear Weapons in a conflict which appears to be accidental, and assuming that Knox ain't lying, or my brain is working properly, this conflict was indeed accidental. I myself am not exactly prepared for involvement within a Global War, given that my economy is now in tatters thanks to the mandates put on me to mobilize to 5/5/5/3 under less-than-optimal infrastructure. I'm running a deficit on food, and now I run the risk of reverting 2 months or so of stagnated progress in under a week. I could make some concessions, I just don't want to have my entire nation be destroyed.
  10. So it looks like somebody of ours couldn't swallow their pride and now we're at war. Crap. Well looks like I better start buying that Vital Defense Project. Only $100,000,000 I'll just subtract it from my bank! AAAAND THERE'S NO MONEY IN HERE!!! Argh Argh Argh Argh! Oh well, I'd rather be a tax slave than be nuked to hell and back. Wait, SEIZING THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION?! I'm having an existential crisis, the commies or the weebs?
  11. Will you shut up if I start selling free stuff again?
  12. I was thinking diminishing returns (Surrender at 50 resistance has the usual 2x, 1.8x for 40 1.6x for 30 1.4x for 20 and finally 1.2x for 10 Except when you surrender with more than 50 resistance the loot is increased 2.5x for 60 3x for 70 3.5x for 80 4x for 90 and 5x for insta-surrender Maybe even kick them while their down and add cut resources, drained military supplies, mil debuffs and no beige
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