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  1. Sanctuary, newly out of the Greene Day incident needs new friends and members, we may have surrendered, but as the song below states we made friends along the way, it's not about winning, it's about making sure our members and allies we can trust are safe We are a simple trading alliance, with grants, low taxes and some of the friendliest people I've ever met Our leadership under Onara 'Beans' after our seperation from The Jedi Order before their merge into SoS has lead us to prosper, Alliance ranking 57 in all of orbis as of this post Ugo the Heir to it all is a nice, and VERY effective Foreign Affairs leader having done acts I never thought possible saving us multiple times from some of our scariest moments LYRICS FOR THE SAGES VERSION FOR SANCTUARY AS PERFORMED BY MY SHIKIGAMI'S SHIKIGAMI ALONGSIDE QUITE A LOT OF GENSOKYO: Come on, This is Chen's Sanctuary March Attention everyone, Old and New friends Forget all your problems and dance with me Come on everybody! Let us dance Come on, Cheer Up, Rise your feet Everyone, Make a Circle Gensokyo says cheers to you all If You're Optimistic, We say Hello For even when things went violent We are all friend from now on From the Miners to the Ore Processors Those who want to raid and those who want protection are invited Come on everybody! Let us dance Come on, Cheer Up, Rise your feet Everyone, Make a Circle Gensokyo says cheers to you all Everyone, Make a Circle We'll see tomorrow here in our Sanctuary
  2. dude I was meaning in offense to BS and 770 for the stupidity they put us in sanctuary through not offense to the raccoon pope or the Infinite Empire
  3. Deus Vult for the raccoon pope, take that you disrespectful Lazurus Cultists and wanabee pirates, I'm guessing there's more we haven't been told, since they've done way too much bad during this war, making me realise why we shouldn't have trusted them when Holy Sea was first proposed
  4. I think I can speak for all of sanctuary when I say, our friends we've made outside of this bloc shall keep us safe, and we'll be providing what we can to help them from now on
  5. Even Kanako Yasaka, goddess of wind and rain and a warrior herself, Recognises the Raccoon pope's strength, compared to 770's Belief in the Sinner Lazarus. With the end of another incident, the people of gensokyo gather at the Moriya shrine to celebrate and drink Sake together
  6. Good luck my friends, both in holy sea and in our enemies, may this Danmaku be glorious
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