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Status Updates posted by Linky

  1. I went digging, And i found out this exist still, Even after my silence


  2. Hylia has called, And i have picked up the phone, Here's to a new future, And lets hope this goes good.

    1. Linky


      A new nano, I have learned alot, And i am here to try again, I will keeping falling but i will always get back up.

  3. If i ever disappear again, I just wanna wipe myself a clean slate and try again.

    1. Linky


      New everything, Hide myself from everyone, Just so i can put my past behind me and burn it so that i dont have to worry anymore.

    2. Kevanovia


      Don't be too hard on yourself - PnW is only a game

  4. It has been a pleasure working with you all, I hope one day our paths will cross once more and your days will be prosperous as mine have been, Goodbye.

    1. Alistair Wilson
    2. Linky


      Im gonna be in vm while on break from pnw, Not as sad.

    3. Alistair Wilson

      Alistair Wilson

      Phew. I thought it was just gone forever...


  5. Im no good at goodbyes.

  6. Would you rather, Have unlimited bacon but no more games, Or games, Unlimited games, And no games?

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    2. Linky


      Thats dumb

    3. Alistair Wilson

      Alistair Wilson

      Yeah, but Bacon can make your heart explode...

    4. Kaka Canli

      Kaka Canli

      Depending on the game.

  7. You have awoken me from my long slumber.

    1. Linky


      Also, Dont eat the taco bell...

    2. Alistair Wilson

      Alistair Wilson

      That's a good idea

  8. Whoever is still exploring The "Block Lunahd Club", is either seeking attention I am not giving to them, Or one of the unfortunate 4 held hostage by their bad ideas.

  9. won 2 days, i am winning.

  10. had to end the lunar society saga, sad day. ;-;

  11. did you hear the news?
    apparently not your not in "good morning Orbis news"!
    we offer you correct news
    and also
    - Vibing channels
    - radio music and news
    - Chute Mi memorial
    - much more & more comin soon!

  12. i feel like staying in TCM for half of year is my best chance of get experience if TLS 2.0 is up, plus it is my best chance of surviving this shitty Orbis were in...

    1. TitanJazza


      enjoy your stay there 😉

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