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  1. I'm not, I'm not that good at balancing this post did give me the idea for it
  2. Hey you, yeah you! I just wanted to say that you're beautiful and nobody can tell you otherwise, but you know what's also beutiful being able to trade without commission or trade restrictions, want to extend trade relations with major nations to boost your earnings? Are you looking to be a dominant trader? So if you are in any such problem now the time has come to switch to M17 trading centre where quality traders await you at all sorts of time zones to have your priority in ideas for trade not to look for customers. https://discord.gg/fF33GrGY5b Need a secure place for your money? Want cheap undervalued shares? Want low interest credit cards? Want high interest savings accounts? Want the best bank in orbis? MI7 is the place for you https://discord.gg/4UcGtWdduD
  3. Crude Missile Crude Nuclear Bomb The Crude Missile would be less powerful than the Aircraft, but would allow you to target specific improvements, with some improvements being stronger than others. The Crude Nuke would only be slightly more powerful than the aircraft and would allow you to target improvements, with an added small radiation affect. Both of these would be significantly more expensive than aircraft but still would be much less expensive than their normal counterpart. Please let me know of any balance issues
  4. Hello Orbis, I'v decided to share some of my investing advice with you.FOR FREE. After analyzing the market for the last month I have concluded that oil will reach 4500 by next friday, It is best to invest now, With the current price at 3000 ppu, if you invested 1 million right now you would make 1.5 million back, And it only increases the more you invest! Thank you for reading
  5. I def like this idea, as an addition this could be a new espionage op, where you use the depleted uranium as a crude bomb in a city
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