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  1. Hi every one its my very first post on forum idk if its allow i didnt read the forum rules i might get banned but i am posting this. I just want to announce that i have open my first bussiness in PnW as i am new in game so pls don't complain or dont make my jokes the bussiness name is BAJAJ FINSERV.PVT.ltd here's our services as below. Services 1)instant ressource trading(buying&selling) 2)privite banking(safekeeping your asset) 3)saving account account holder will get 3%weekly intrest min required balance 0.0 doller 4)credit card open an saving account and get a chance to get a free credit card xpiry in 1 month from the date isseud no hidden fees 5)loans are open now upto 50mils only The giveaway has started hurry up slide on the server gonna organise free chess tournaments register the first prize is 25mils/25000000cash hurry up I know there are many legends are here and i hope u will help me n support me with your suggestions. Ty zoyakhan Bajaj Finserv.pvt.ltd COMPANY CHARTER https://docs.google.com/document/d/11-WTM8VRBGUMqaVAB1z7cPFSfqf-XGrzmnOn9qNE17s/edit?usp=sharing https://discord.gg/s9uPBAg
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