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  1. 31 minutes ago, hidude45454 said:

    imma be brutally honest here and probably earn myself some downvotes: even if there was some better communication, ppl love to hate on BS so much that they'd probably hit them and not care regardless. That and CTO will probably hit every organism that breathes at this point when they can't find ppl to statpad off of in the global.

    I do think that a lot of issues that befall BS originate from some mixture of unfounded pride and defeatism translating into self-fulfilling prophecy, and that their choice of allies is, let's just say... questionable, but I will at the least not hesitate to give props that they are at least willing to defend their allies, which most alliances honestly cannot say.

    Most alliances aren't willing to defend their allies? What? This is news to me. 

    Also it's not like people "love to hate on BS" without reason. There's a reason BS is not liked. With most alliances they do FA with they are extremely difficult to deal with and in most cases illogical in their FA.

  2. Much needed break for TLE, glad they could get peace

    GG and congrats on peace

    17 minutes ago, MinesomeMC said:

    I think BS needs a good ass whooping so they can hopefully learn from it and improve. 

    They’ve gotten ass whooping after ass whooping they’ll never learn 

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  3. 22 minutes ago, Dyana said:


    Hello everyone, Mountain Dew#0933 here.

    I have played P&W for 2 years and finally think it's time to move on in my life and focus on my life goals. In these two years, i founded many well known alliances, made some awesome friends, fought numerous global wars and had a great time.

    A big shoutout to my best friends in this game @Borg @Basebond @Lord Vaderfor being with me for such a long time i have many sweet memories with y'all.

    This game has a great community and culture that i really adore. I wish you all good luck in your lives! Take care! ❤

    Special Mentions:

    @Xaria @Murtaza @christian2094 @Sri Lanka 001 @Elder Rachael @Nokia Rokia @ToxicPepper Atlan & David Sarif (sorry if i forgot anyone)


    Goodbye 👋


    Sad to see you go man :( but best of luck in whatever you do! 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Cooper_ said:

    First, I'd just like to say that TKR fully supports Oceania's decision here.  We always give our protectorates the choice to join a war, and we've worked to keep them out in the past when they've chosen to avoid war.  In this instance, miscommunications led to attacks on Oceania that our efforts couldn't avoid.  I appreciate the work on both sides here to get this resolved.  I think that's all that needs to be said.  No need for politicization. 



    Second, @ToxicPepper I already explained this to your whole FA team even though it seems to have gone over your head.  It was 1.3:1 when HW enterred against Rose, and it was 1.6:1 when Oasis entered against HW and now 2:1 with y'all's entry.  There is no way to justify your war because it results in a simple dilemma. 

    Option A is that we call the first war against Rose a dogpile, but that means your entry was a dogpile of triple the magnitude making you a hypocrite and invalidating your CB.  Option B is that it wasn't a dogpile by virtue of being closer than any global Aurora has ever fought in, which means y'all don't have a CB and also have an invalid entry.  In either case, you don't have a justification for being in this war.  Now, please bring the lies somewhere else.

    You’re really trying to convince everyone outside your sphere about this whole total nations crap and it’s just not working. First of all, I don’t know where you’re getting your numbers cause my numbers show a completely different story. HW vs Rose is a dogpile on Rose to any logical person with eyes and half a brain. Let’s take your mark that HW vs Rose is 1.3:1 idk who you include in your numbers or who you’re excluding but even with that number you’re including tier 1-5 where Rose has about 150-200 more nations than HW. Whereas HW wins everywhere past city 10. Congrats, it’s a really fair war! Rose has more noobs than HW, not a dogpile! 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Kermit The Frog said:

    I know right, imagine declaring on someone just because the allied with someone you didn't like. Imagine that being your CB. keeping in mind we allied after the war was done 

    It seems you have forgotten what actually happened? You were our prot, we declared on TCM, then as we were at war with them you made a forum post saying you’re signing them without us having any prior knowledge except minutes before the post. So you got dropped by us and HS and rolled by us a month later, looks like CHB is dead due to your bad management. Should learn from your experience not try to justify bad FA

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Big Mac said:

    I know right... imagine actually being involved in a war where you don't have a number advantage of at least 3:1! Or returning to fight with your old allies after you've 'left' them and formed a new 'separate' bloc...

    Wasn’t it 3:1 when it was HW v Rose? The salt and hypocrisy is overflowing, try to limit it.

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  7. 1 minute ago, alyster said:

    Not sure Aurora could handle them. I mean all by yourself. Doing something on your own for once. That'd be a shocker.

    You’re right, how could we handle an alliance that puts a person who’s AFK in their bank to get looted 

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  8. 41 minutes ago, Suyash Adhikari said:

    Here we see the council blatantly lying to people during the war. Ah yes, I attacked you after declaring no offensive wars and you declared 11 wars on us before we even got a retalition in in, and about 40 wars overall in their blitz.image.thumb.png.a7aa1deef21afa4a5527a0887705c18e.png
    AND they are instructing their military officers to lie to their members!

    Council of Disingenuous Snakes and Pathetic Leaders @Winston Morrison @TheRealMichaelJordan @Robert2424 @John Mathews 

    Here is an ADMISSION from their own prot, my very lovely mistress @Kan0601 that they hit us because we were tied to hollywood, @Yzard that they hit us because prots were "fair game" , and @ToxicPepper that IRON blitzed us whilst Aurora targeted me and Hideri. 

    Here are the wars they declared BEFORE we even sent 1 counter out:


    And this is the rest of the wars they declared during their blitz:


    Move on my ass @TheRealMichaelJordan, you have to lie to your own membership and others to intentionally attack us, dont play the victim because you clearly arent.


    Not a bad blitz by the one and only true IRON. Revenge must be feeling really good right now for my friends in IRON.

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