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A Sad Story [FTE part 4]

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Rebekah Mikaelson


As the battle continued, Pyrrha and those behind her managed to break through the right flank of the enemy at last. They began driving back the monsters and claiming ground with lightening speed. Meanwhile, Arryha as well began gaining ground but was slowed down by the heavy bombardment from archers mounted on a nearby hill. 

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Female warrior accompanying Arryha

In the plains, things were much different, the enemy had driven dobby and the army back. It became clear that unless the battle on the flanks were won and those detachments joined in the centre, all would be lost.

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The archers in Pyrrha's guard began accelerating their rate of fire as they fired with precision and accuracy into the eyes and hearts of the creatures they were fighting. They had received a morale boost after managing to successfully break the enemy and were now simply cleaning up the left overs. At the same time, Pyrrha took her infantry and charged into the bulk of the enemy's main force from the right flank. This sudden attack managed to crush a large amount of elite units which had been focusing on the battle ahead. They were given little time to realize their mistake and were hence punished for it dearly.

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Arryha's detachment had also  been successful on that flank and crushed the remaining archers that had taken refuge in a cave. She then turned her attention to the enemy in the fields and also dealt a crushing blow to their army. The Queen of the darkness was not to be defeated this easily however and she made one final charge before attempting to retreat. She charged the one who had dealt a massive blow to her plans, Pyrrha. Pyrrha did not see her coming as she had her back turned towards her allies so she considered herself to be safe. Dobby on the other hand saw her charging and realized whom she was aiming for. Having made a promise to Epi to protect his daughter, Dobby intercepted the Death Queen's blow with his own body. Her weapon went clear through his chest and stopped only inches away from Pyrrha who turned around and drove her sword into the heart of the Queen thus ending her, once and for all. 

However the damage had been done. As the enemy retreated, Pyrrha fell beside dobby and took his hand in hers. Dobby, with his last breath created for her, a necklace signifying her ascendancy to take over his role as Titan and told her to let him rest in peace. She closed his eyes after the last breath of air left his body and rose with the necklace still in her hand. She had changed back into her normal self and was doing her best to appear strong. 

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But truth be told, sh was torn apart inside. They had one victory, however though decisive it may be in truth, the losses Atlas suffered were never to be forgotten or forgiven. 

The Romans arrived to a scene of utter destruction. There were dead bodies, blood, crows, flies and other remnants from the war scattered as far as the eye could see. There were only a few spots for one to walk without stepping on the dead or wounded.

Image result for fantasy battle warriors under archer fire

A scout from Pyrrha's Guard watches from above as the enemy retreats.

The survivors of the battle for the victors could be seen resting after 18 hours worth of constant clashing with the enemy. One such survivor was a member of Pyrrha's guard who greeted the newcomers. She was seated in front of a pile of weapons which her comrades had gathered up from nearby bodies. All over the battlefield, different persons could be seen taking up weapons. 

Image result for girl warrior charges into battle

The battle had been won but a a terrible cost. There were many sacrifices but in the end Evil lost.


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