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Pyrrha and Dobby [FTE part 3]

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Rebekah Mikaelson



A number that up to this date still pains the empire to its very core. 

Though it marked the turning point in the war, it also was scarred with an unimaginable loss. 

The battle began as both the 1st Army and the invading force charged forward. As both sides crashed into the other, crows began circling the battlefield knowing that they would soon be filled.

Related image

As the fighting continued, Dobby could be seen rallying the men and leading the offense against the enemies skirmishers which were currently dealing plenty of damage to their opponents. 

There were over 255,000 men of war on the field with 150000 of them coming from the darkness that seeked to devour all. The roman army was to reinforce the 1st Army before the battle however due to the ambush, they were held back and would not be able to join the battle.

 Related image

Pyrrha's ability to change how she looked kept the enemy very busy as they could never truly tell whom they were fighting. Four representations of her would surround them and each looked more convincing than the rest. She attracted much of their attention and drew off the bulk of the massive army towards nearby ruins where she dominated them in battle. Related image

The fighting became more and more intense as monsters both unseen and unheard of for thousands of years were released on the battlefield to lay waste to Atlas's army. Many men died attempting to fight or flew the creatures whilst the wizards and witches fought hard to drive them back. Further reinforcements were transported by the By-soft directly into the midst of the battle. Arryha was one who came with the detachment as she wanted to ensure her sister remained alive knowing how reckless she could be. However as soon as she arrived she was faced off with an old enemy as Morgana sent three spirit bombs at her. 

Image result for Morgana Vs Ahri

The battle had now been separated into different parts with Morgana and her minions clashing against Arryha and the reinforcements on the left flank. Titan Dobby and The main bulk of the 1st Army against Cerberus and the entirety of the enemy in the middle. On the right flank was Pyrrha and her guards and the witches and wizards against all the monsters the enemy had to offer. On both flanks were ruins which made the battles there more of a tactical approach than just a simple head on, fight to the death collision. In the midst however was a large open plain and this was where the battle really took place. 

The battle rages on with no end in sight. 



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