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India's Secoundary National News Agency

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India Today Issue #2

Today Evening on India Today   NAC had invaded Fascist International 2 Days ago and it was unknown why. Negotiations were proposed but the NAC seems to be ignoring. The NAC continues to airstrike infrastructure with no signs of peace, even when peace proposals were sent. 100 Thousand Citizens were killed in the invasion while questions are still inquired why NAC had invaded Fascist International. With all ODPs scrapped and MDPs scrapped, The FI was left alone to be destroyed, India joined Tita

Muhammad Ali Bas

Muhammad Ali Bas


India Today Issue #1

Tonight in India Today   Tonight, the national basketball team has proved a successive move for the nation. The team of India Purchases Mike Miller from Washington Wizards, and now Mike Miller plays for Delhi Rhinos. URAAAA!   The Indians continue to increase infrastructure in the nation, but at this rate it is losing the competition against others. Fascist International was created to counter this and make a independent fascist capitalist society AND A SPIT AT COMMUNISM.   Snoop Dogg goes

Muhammad Ali Bas

Muhammad Ali Bas

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