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India Today Issue #2

Muhammad Ali Bas


Today Evening on India Today


NAC had invaded Fascist International 2 Days ago and it was unknown why. Negotiations were proposed but the NAC seems to be ignoring. The NAC continues to airstrike infrastructure with no signs of peace, even when peace proposals were sent. 100 Thousand Citizens were killed in the invasion while questions are still inquired why NAC had invaded Fascist International. With all ODPs scrapped and MDPs scrapped, The FI was left alone to be destroyed, India joined Titan for rebuilding/protection aid. It plans to dismantle military to use the cash to rebuild, though 10 million worth assets and infrastructure was destroyed.


NAC in the past had invaded India and destroyed 420 infrastructure as they never negotiate and continue to destroy infrastructure, and this has happened again with no apparent signs of peace. India has offered reparations (even though it hadn't done noting) to NAC but the NAC still ignores the offer.

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I tried defending India, but the Viridian Threatened to squash me. Darn them.

Yep. If you try to attack any big alliance, even when your just defending your alliance members, they won't have it. Justice is needed!

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