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What have you done in KSP lately?

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Mirroring that thread on the ksp forums: What have you done in KSP?



Today I brought up the crew module for my mun station, it was a mark III crew storage thing (16 kerbals!). Docked with a senior port, has 6 nukes on it to change the orbit later (I put it retrograde...).


I also landed my minmus miner in the Greater Flat or something. Had an ore of 4.8% or something. The nearby midlands have like 7.1% but it's not flat. The conversion unit has glitched out and isn't letting my open it's context menu though.


Then I started a design for a Duna plane thing with ore conversion to do every biome, like in "Duna Ore Bust". I don't have aerospikes though. I also got up to date on "Eve: Order Zero"

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Today I tried to build a Boeing 777 replica using Mk3 parts and ended up killing 20+ kerbals. The pilots were the only survivors.

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Tried to reach Kerbin's north pole with a simple plane. It overheated, pilotes died.


Then I worked on a manned satellite, which worked surprisingly, altough I can't get my Kerbals back on Kerbin.

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