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The Strongest Muslim Alliance in the Game. Founded in August 2020, we've had some of the craziest growth in the history of P&W, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon Inshallah!


Why Join us?

  1. Strong, Supportive and Dedicated Community
  2. Grants against a diverse taxing system
  3. Protection against attacks and raids
  4. experienced and able trainers and mentors and... 
  5. Brotherhood unlike anywhere else


What we want? 

  1. Activity, checking Discord and logging into the game at least once
  2. Loyalty, to the Alliance, the cause and the Brotherhood
  3. Respect, to others and their beliefs


Join United Ummah today to be a part of the brotherhood

United Ummah

Discord Server (Mandatory)


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Was my Dream to Establish an alliance For Our Muslim Brothers,

Thanks You So Much HaxBaBa,Babur,Danial, Rasputin, for the Start

And then our Most Favourite Anas,Omar,Adam,Rasheed,Sheikh,and Specially Wiglaf For Handling The FA 💗💗💗


Thanks You Guys for Making this Dream come true even inside the top 20

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