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Checking in, it has Been Awhile

Kim Jong-Il

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Howdy y'all!

Not planning on coming back to play as this game was too addicting for my mental stability way back when lmao

Just looking to say hi to those who might remember me from way back when, and if you don't know me I'm happy to meet ya and share some fun tales of old Orbis if you feel so inclined :P

As a quick recap, I used to be in the high gov't of both Rose and tS, as well as being consistently in the top 10 nations by size when the city count was in the 30's and infra was about 3k per. 

I admire everyone who is still here from when I was around, and I look forward to the familiar faces :)

- Kimmy

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The many forms of proof regarding Kastor's sexuality:

- Kastor: I already came out the closet.

- MaIone: I'm gay

* MaIone is now known as Kastor

- Henri: i'm a [email protected]#$it


Skable: the [email protected]#$ is a codo?



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I vaguely remember you, and your forum signature says alot tho lol, ive been here since 2014 was "Makaira" back then and was part of Red Guard (shitty raiding micro with a leader named Demon) and been around alot of AAs and politics since then, and i can say the game is just as bad if not worse for peoples mental stability as it was ages ago if not worse, even though the actual politics have become boring/stagant asf, yet still the same somehow :'), Rose and T$ were alot better up until more recently (2017-now) imo at least

Edited by Charnel Harper


-Warband Leader of the Nordic Sea Raiders-


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