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3rd National Affairs Briefing | April 5, 2021

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Pavitistvo Kozatskiya | Павитиство Козацкия
Pavitelstvo Kazakiya | Павителство Казакия
哥萨克政府 - 哥薩克政府 | Gesake Zhengfu

Pamahalaan ng Bansang Kosakya | Government of Cossackia

National Affairs Briefing

Note: Before you assume that this will all be about the Gacha Community (as it is part of our charter), read the entire briefing. Do also note that the events are only semi-fictional and semi-custom. For the monarch names, I have no intent to break your Lese-Majeste laws. And all the events are more based on real-life politics than Orbis. Also names of some people is completely fictional, to expose an individual is not intentional and will not be intended. Enjoy

  • We will have opinions checks for every briefing in 10s. For examples:
    • The 10th National Affairs Briefing
    • The 20th National Affairs Briefing
    • The 30th National Affairs Briefing
  • Abortion is being discussed right now. However there are a few incidents recorded while Abortion is being instated. Like this one in Karlagrad-Karlinagrad.
    • Geraldina Trinidadska, a Filipino, aged 17, and was a scandal in the internet by bragging about her having "intercourse", complained that her child had "defects" to Karlagrad National Hospital. Her so-called "husband", Josef Mikadulan, agreed to his "wife". She was denied, so she filed a lawsuit against the medical institution. The Supreme Court of Cossackia ruled that no one is guilty, nor innocent, because no one is sure if Abortion is legal or illegal. However Geraldina and Josef was jailed for charges of assisted rape, the law for the legalization of "intercourse" is not even existent yet.
  • Animesexualism will be legal as making it illegal will only ignite rebellion and unrest. However trying to be considered as an Animesexual is illegal, but being a Fictophiliac will be fine otherwise.
  • Goods are being sent to Myanmar to support the democratic front. However goods might be stolen by the Tatmadaw, so the Cossackian Special Forces are deployed in all airlifts. The Naypyidaw Airlifts have begun, and the first delivery is successful and flawless.
  • In response to the proposal on joining the UN Peacekeeping force, the UN allowed Cossackia to be a member of the World Health Organization and UN Peacekeeping Force. Vaccination Program is in effect to some citizens with COVID-19.
  • Cossackia is now part of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, making it the only Asian member in the alliance. Cossackia is now in charge, with support of the strongest members of NATO, of the Eastern Front along with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey, making up the forefront facing Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Transnistria. Not to mention that almost the entire Balkans are aware and on guard of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Caucuses will also be defended mainly by Turkey.
  • Speaking of COVID-19, Cossackia practices social distancing and face-cover are mandatory. But it seems there are not much cases for now, so everyone was free to do their daily life just like Taiwan.
  • China trespassed the Cossackian Spratlys, Chinese Coast Guard was met by a united force of naval ships from Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cossackia. Even Japan and South Korea volunteered to mediate the dispute, as of now South Korea and Japan are allowed to have their bases in the Cossackian Spratlys, it's part of the Second Treaty of Karlagrad which I forgot to mention. The signatures are from Moon Jae In and Yoshihide Suga. Naval conflict didn't occur. Islands are now occupied by weaker members of the Spratlys and the South China Sea.

And that concludes the national briefing. Thank you.

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