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Nowadays, the food industry is developing rapidly, presenting hundreds of new restaurant concepts to the world. Many restaurants attempt to compete by offering the best locations, exotic decorations, new food concepts, quality of service, or creative advertising campaigns. However, most restaurants try to impress their customers with certain innovations that cannot be found in other ones. The term innovation does not begin to describe the Parkers. In fact, novelty is the key factor for fast food restaurants like Parkers. Parkers does not try to compete with its competitors in terms of the criteria already established in the restaurants industry (Alqubaisi, n. d.). Instead, Parkers created a challenging, bold experience that transformed both the dinning process itself and the delicious food they serve. Parkers is a remarkable phenomenon in the UAE food industry that impresses customers with its unique strategy, tasty food selections, and friendly environment.

Industry Profile (History and Future)

The food industry in the UAE is well-developed and represented by a wide range of restaurant of all styles, price policies, and interiors. This diversity is not surprising, because the food industry started growing along with the countrys development after the discovery of oil. The rapid growth period started in the 1990s when the UAE became a tourist destination and many hotels were built. Therefore, the country needed some unique places to dine, getting an experimental experience. The Parkers owners Amal Al Marri and Deem Al Bassam thought about that idea and opened a food truck restaurant,with a marketing strategy best described as no key, no food (Light, 2016). The idea is unique: the owners hide keys in many Abu Dhabi locations and post their locations on Snapchat and Instagram, making the visitors find the keys first and only then dine in Parkers. Golden keys became something desirable for the citys inhabitants and tourists. Keys can be hidden in a variety of locations, such as coffee pots in Al Fahidi Historical Quarter, nail salons in Jumeirah, and even on trees in DIFC. One was tied around a pole at a stunning art installation of UAE flags on Kite Beach.

The restaurant was opened in 2015 and soon became very popular not only among the citizens, but also among the tourists who joined the find key movement (Fortune, 2015). To make the experience slightly less complicated, the searchers can share the keys with their friends or use one key for a group dinner. Moreover, the restaurants popularity is partially due to its perfect locations on Kite Beach and in Dubai Mall, which are the most visited places in the UAE (Oakeley, 2016). The Parkers owners plan to extend their food truck business in the future. The extension concerns not only Parkers but the entire food business in the UAE as the tourism and other industries continue to grow. Thus, ByParkers targets those who admire adventures and want to challenge themselves.


One of the Parkers benefits that attract dozens of customers is the menu. Parkers food menu helps to drive diners to the food trucks service window. Initially, Parkers didn't have a permanent menu and had to switch things up on a daily and often even hourly basis (Fortune, 2015). Parkers menu offers something different every day, although given the scarcity of keys, a person is unlikely to eat there more than once. Menu includes street food treats like burgers, cheese fries, fried macaroni and cheese, and quinoa salad. Thus, there is something for everyone. The organizers continue changing the food menu, which includes some relatively new modern street offers like Pretzel Chicken Roll, Street Fries, Fried Mac N Cheese, and Choco X Coffee Slider. They share selected items off their menu along with pictures with their followers on social media. An effective way to further increase Parkers marketing reach is to share these posts with local food blogs.

External ByParkers Overview


The UAE is a touris destination. That means that the country has plenty of cafes and restaurants to enjoy. The competition among the restaurants is intense and requires every single one to represent something unique. Parkers has some competitors among popular fast food trucks and restaurants in Abu Dhabi, particularly in the Dubai Mall. However, the marketing strategy no key, no food (Light, 2016) make Parkers unique and elusive, which makes potential visitors fight for right to be served at the restaurant. In the modern world where people want for nothing, the find keys strategy makes them interest in Parkers restaurant. Moreover, the food is delicious and that makes visitors return multiple times (Light, 2016). Thus, Parkers should not worry about the competition as it designed a perfect strategy to attract potential customers.

Restaurant or Food Truck?

Parkers is presented as a food truck in Abu Dhabis Al Emarat Park. Its owner Al Marri told, "We chose the park because we enjoyed being outside as kids" (Light, 2016). "I grew up playing in the parks in Dubai and I think this is being lost these days. We want to bring people back and Al Khazzan is good because it is opposite City Walk, so easy to find, and has the iconic water tower which is a reminder of the past" (Light, 2016). The owner chose this food truck location because the surroundings are very pleasant and people can easily get to the food trucks location. Inspired by the success of the food truck, the owners opened another Parkers in the Dubai Mall in the form of a restaurant (Oakeley, 2016). While the food truck in the park is a temporary location, the restaurant in the Dubai Mall has a permanent address.

Social Media Statistics

This food truck is a startup, so the owners did not have a considerable amount of money for advertising. Instead, they decided to use social media that is now commonly used by many to create inexpensive advertising campaigns. A variety of press channels, including newspapers, TV news, food blogs, and individual food bloggers, covered Parkers interactive strategy supported by diners and social media followers. Press was a supporting marketing tool that cost Parkers nothing and was used to communicate with those who are not social media users. Parkers social media accounts include Snapchat (username: ByParkers) and Instagram. Social media accounts are a simple and low cost marketing tool. Parkers depended on an innovative marketing plan on the Instagram and Snapchat to such an extent that they nearly overlooked marketing the menu. When the restaurant was first introduced to the public in 2015, entrance was limited to those lucky ones who managed to find the keys of entrance (Fortune, 2015).

Price Policy

The Parkers owners choose to implement an affordable price policy to attract more customers. The restaurant offers fast food meals for good prices in that region. The prices contribute to the restaurants success as the data tells. The Instagram, Snapchat, and customers reviews show that place is very popular and attracts many visitors daily. The customers mostly write positive reviews.

Parkers is a new restaurant in Abu Dhabi that opened in 2015. The restaurants specialty is its strategy no key, no food. The owners of the restaurant implemented the idea that the visitors could not order food if they did not find a key that is hidden somewhere in the city with instructions on Instagram or Snapchat. Social media also helped the start up in advertising. The food truck is a temporarily one that offers a rich menu that changes every day. The menu includes burgers, pasta, cheese, and other common fast food items. The popularity of the food truck led to the opening of Parkers in the Dubai Mall. The restaurant is popular due to its affordable prices, delicious food, and unique marketing strategy find key.

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