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8 hours ago, Borg said:

so... higher interest than most people can already get, and you need to pay collateral. 

Why do people seem so unable to read Seb's post. Most current banks offer 2-2.5% weekly interest on loans. This offers 6% monthly interest, (and according to google there an average of 4.35 weeks in one month) so one weeks of loan is approximately 1.38% interest. The collateral is is because the interest is small, and so therefore there are insurances to make sure the money is paid back.

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Hello Orbis. It's been only 20 days since we opened our doors and we have made quite an impression so far. Investors have come in loads looking for a reputable institution to deposit their trust and we were able to expand our business from just banking with cash to buying resources aswell. For this, The Deranged will not only issue loans but will be receiving requests for the much required manufactured resources most alliances will need in the near future.

Don't hesitate to approach us for any financial need. From now on, if you have resources and need cash we are the place to go. If you, however, have cash but require great amounts of resources, we are also such place. All transactions will be kept confidential between the parties should that be required by the client. 

The Deranged offers loans at 6% monthly interest with rss collateral

The Deranged buys manufactures in bulk 100k+ 

the Deranged sells manufactures in bulk 100k+

p.s: we at The Deranged are out of our minds so don't ever expect us to follow your norms. Don't come to us with hate replies because our deranged ways are appealing to most. Don't come crying that transparent and reputable insanity is preferrable to corrupt sane opportunists.

Thank you for your attention

Mr. Buuobouby (I still can't remember my name)

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On 3/8/2021 at 2:36 AM, Dusty said:

Generally you don't need a full collateral loan.. generally irl it's around 10% it's unlogical for me to pull a loan for cash at a interest against myself, since I'm fully covering it, "you don't understand banking irl" feel this is a bit reverse, as well this is a game not rl, the ideaollgy that it's comparable is not correct in this case

it works for Orbis's unique economy because there's a period where alliances will need to buy tons of resources to save for a war that will happen far in the future. 1st step of alliances is to rebuild their people, in many cases, they are left with 5b or more in resources after their last war but it'd be foolish to sell when the market has crashed so they keep it. That's when I come in, they can literally use those rss as collateral for a cheap rate and thus save money on a loan to rebuild/grow their members.

In real life, when you mortgage your house, you literally surrender the deed of your home to the bank who in turn gives you money equalling the house value or less. The equal of that in PW would be to surrender your nation? since there's nothing like that currently in the game we need to find other venues to guarantee the loans.

A 10% collateral wouldn't make sense in our game because you could simply walk away with a 90% profit like so many have done before.


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