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The Golden Eagle Flies Again

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Originally posted: January 31, 2020


With the conclusion of the Rokkenjima-Britannia conflict, Rokkenjima once again found itself an established presence on Orbis. Upon its formation, Rokkenjima's territory consisted only of Japan, the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, Korea, and Taiwan.

In its time away, Communist China rose yet again to be a dominant force in the region, doing everything in its power with the exception of military intervention to bring Hong Kong under its absolute control. In January, Hong Kong protestors succeeded in taking over the Central Government Complex and killing pro-mainland members of government. They seceded from mainland China, declaring themselves as the independent Republic of Hong Kong. The Witch Council of Rokkenjima quickly took action, meeting with Hong Kong's new government where an annexation agreement was reached. Hong Kong would become sovereign Rokkenjiman territory in exchange for protection from the People's Republic of China.

Immediately following the annexation of Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China declared war on Rokkenjima. China wasted no time attempting to take back Hong Kong by force. City defenses managed to hold out until Rokkenjima's main forces arrived, securely defending Hong Kong's border. In the north, Rokkenjima's Armed Forces crossed into Manchuria from Korea. Naval invasions took place all along the Chinese coast. By the end of the month, Manchuria and China's eastern coast from Beijing to Shanghai was securely under Rokkenjiman control. Fighting continues as both nations find themselves at war with each other once again.


Meanwhile, sovereignty of Japan, Taiwan, the Kuril Islands, and Sakhalin became disputed between Rokkenjima and the Empire of Calondia. There had yet to be any armed conflict by either nation to bring these lands under their complete control. Deciding it didn't want to open up fighting on multiple fronts during its war with China, the Witch Council sent an invitation to the government of Calondia to meet on the island of Rokkenjima (just south of Niijima) to hold discussions on the matter. The response is currently pending.


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