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The War of East Asia

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Mariage Sorciere vs. the Human Alliance vs. the Demon Army vs. Vampiria



All front line changes thus far

  • May 3, 2020: The conflict began following the Witch Council's decision to reject the idea of an interspecies council for Rokkenjima's government. The peaceful protests, which had been occurring for several weeks, turned violent and erupted across most of the nation. The different species of Rokkenjima clashed with one another, until eventually, most of them managed to relocate and settle in specific territories. The witches of Japan, who had mostly avoided clashing with other species throughout the night, organized an attack on the Britannian territory known as the Mt. Fuji District. Just prior to the attack, first-class archbishop and Chief Inquisitor of the SSVD known as Willard H. Wright, along with large group of interspecies refugees, approached the Britannian territory. After initially being turned away, they were allowed access into the district, at which point Willard informed Britannian governor Kei Sakura of the witches' planned attack, and how he was assigned the task of protecting Rokkenjiman refugees by the Great Court of Heaven. Britannia agreed to assist in the evacuation of the refugees.


  • May 4, 2020: Britannia engaged the witches in battle throughout the night as the evacuees boarded Britannian ships at the docks of the city of Fuji. After being pushed back heavily by the witches, and being caught in the middle of another conflict between the witches and vampires under the command of Queen Krul Tepes, the Britannians managed to narrowly escape with the refugees. They made their way to the newly formed Republic of Hong Kong and Macau, which had declared neutrality in the ongoing conflict. Will was appointed governor of the Republic, while Kei returned to Britannia after leaving two Britannian cruisers in Hong Kong for defensive purposes.


  • May 5, 2020: The new nation of Mariage Sorciere is formed. It is ruled by the Witch Council, with its territory consisting of the Kuril Islands, Japan, Taiwan, and the city of Shanghai and its surrounding area. Mariage Sorciere officially declares war on any nation which breaks away from the former country of Rokkenjima, stating that their first objective is to hunt down the vampires hiding out in Japan. Later the same day, the Human Alliance declares its existence after a sudden evacuation attempt from the Kingdom of Israel in the city of Qingdao. Together with the Israelis, humans from the Alliance's Chinese territories and South Korea who wish to flee the conflict are evacuated to the Republic of Hong Kong and Macau. The Israeli vessels then return to Israeli. The Human Alliance is under military rule with General Esdeath, the Jaegers, and Night Raid in command.


  • May 7, 2020: The Shiki Tribes secretly declare their existence under the rule of the Kirishiki family. Their territory consists of the island of Sakhalin as well as Rokkenjima's former Russian territory east of Manchuria.


  • May 31, 2020: The nation of Vampiria is officially formed. It lacks a formal leader at this point, with its massive military forces launching a campaign into the People's Republic of China. By the end of the day, Vampiria's territory consists of the Chinese provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, and Inner Mongolia.


  • June 1, 2020: Vampiria continues their advance into China, securing the remainder of the country's northern and western border, extending their territory into the outskirts of the provinces of Gansu and Xinjiang.


  • June 18, 2020: Mariage Sorciere vessels intercept Israeli naval forces in the South China Sea. Conflict breaks out between the two sides after the Kingdom of Israel declares war on Mariage Sorciere. One Aura-Class Cruiser and Aura-Class Frigate is sunk by the Israelis. The witches aboard the two vessels are evacuated to the fleet of Dream End Airships in the skies above. Five frigates and four corvettes are sunk by Mariage Sorciere, with one cruiser and three corvettes heavily damaged, and forty planes destroyed. Nine-thousand Israeli soldiers and airmen are killed or missing in action by the time the Israelis begin to retreat.


  • June 19, 2020: The Demon Army declares its existence under the rule of King Satan Jacob and his demon generals, Alciel and Lucifer.


  • June 27, 2020: The Demon Army launches simultaneous invasions of the Human Alliance and Vampiria. A decoy attack of several thousand demons takes place along the DMZ with the Human Alliance. The entirety of the decoy force is permanently frozen by a massive wall of permafrost ice created by General Esdeath along the entire border. At the same time, General Alciel leads his army across the border with the Human Alliance in China, capturing the cities of Jinan and Weifang, as well as the Shandong Peninsula. General Lucifer leads his army across the border with Vampiria, quickly capturing territory as well.


  • June 28, 2020: The Human Alliance holds off the Demon Army's continued advance in China, creating a stalemate between the two sides. The port city of Dalian is captured by the demons, who continue their push into Manchuria.


  • July 1, 2020: Vampiria continues their advance into the province of Xinjiang. Attempts to counterattack the demons in the east fail, resulting in additional territory loss to the Demon Army. Following the repelled attack by Israel in the South China Sea, Mariage Sorciere decides to expand their naval capabilities by capturing the Chinese island province of Hainan. With the capture of the island successful, it allows for the construction of additional naval bases to assist in the blockade of the Chinese coast. Plans are also made to construct army and air force bases on the island as well. The witches' attack on the island results in armed conflict being opened up with the People's Republic of China once more.


  • July 7, 2020: The Demon Army continues their advance into Vampiria. Despite hard resistance from the vampires, they are outmatched by the Demon Army war machine. The demons enter the province of Inner Mongolia, reaching the border of Mongolia proper. Lucifer's army pushes into the province of Hebei, reducing Vampiria's remaining naval access to the ports of Tianjin. With the demons on the doorstep of Beijing, General Alciel prepares his army for a coordinated strike on Vampiria's capital.
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