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British Markets: Acquisitions

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Umbrella Corporation(NYSE)




Today, after weeks of negotiations, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation is proud to announce the acquisition of the Umbrella Corporation and welcomes the Pharmaceutical Company into the Weyland-Yutani Family. To avoid any laws that would destroy this agreement, the Umbrella Corporation will be managed and operated by the Umbrella Corporation Board of Directors, and staying semi-independent. Receiving funds from Weyland-Yutani and direction from our board of Directors, the Umbrella brand will be kept alive. Umbrella will be taking over all projects concerning pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare and many other industries that Umbrella has mastered within. Weyland-Yutani will be contracting Umbrella to take over security for Weyland-Yutani and all her subsidiary companies.

Umbrella Corporation Home office will be relocated to Quebec City, and a regional office will be created in London next to the Weyland-Yutani Home Office building.  All Umbrella facilities will remain under ownership of the Umbrella Corporation name for legal obligations.

(This RP has nothing to do with the in-game alliance known as Umbrella Corporation, as this RP is not connected to the In-game PnW world)


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