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British Diplomatic Mission to the Kingdom of Sweden

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With the rise of tension, the United Kingdom looks to create friends in this world, and has decided to open relations with our closest neighbor, the Kingdom of Sweden.

Gothenburg, Sweden


Ada Wong will be sent as the British Representative, holding powers to create any agreement on behalf of Her Majesty. Ada Wong, previous independent spy, has joined the United Kingdom to work with MI6, however sometimes work in other departments on her Majesty wishes. At this time, she will be sent to Sweden to talk with the Government of Sweden until a more permanent ambassador can be assigned to Sweden.

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Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, 2020


At the entrance of Terminal 1, a black limousine had been waiting to welcome the arrival of the

British Representative to the Kingdom of Sweden, Ada Wong. A short ceremony was conducted

lead by Danish Governor Mathias Køhler before the both of them were escorted out in the

limo. The destination was the Gothenburg Manor, where a meeting has been arranged

between Ada Wong and the King of Sweden, Ciel Wolf.

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As she exits the plane, she puts on her tan jacket and sunglasses, once shes been escorted into the limo, she crosses her leg and looks at the Danish governor and says "Nice to meet you, Names Ada Wong," and extends her hand for a handshake.

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