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Change in Management - Moonlight Bank


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Greetings shareholders, business partners, customers, and friends.

As many of you may know, we in Silenzio have been strongly considering leaving PW for some time now.  Indeed, the only reason we've stayed so long was the existence of Moonlight bank, and our duty to those who had invested their money and trust into us.  Sadly, over the 9 months Moonlight has existed, 7 of those were during a catastrophically destructive war.  But now peace is coming, and Moonlight Bank has found a new Director.

@Gobi will be taking control of the bank henceforth, in possession of all shares that were owned by any Silenzio member; of all powers that Strum, Joel, and I wielded; and of all debts formerly payable to us. 

Gobi and I have been discussing this move for quite some time, and he has my full confidence in his ability to maintain Moonlight's tradition of transparency and innovation.  I hope you all enjoy working with him as much as I have during this period. 

Speaking personally, it has been my pleasure to serve the community, even for so limited a time as I was given, and I wish you all the best.  May your futures be prosperous!

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Hey Everyone!

Firstly, I would like to thank the previous owners, Strum, Joel and especially Psweet for this opportunity. But now it is time to prosper. Due to this destructive war, many of the nations and alliances whom owed us money deleted, and their loans will need to be written off. This will be a hit but we will move forward together! I have full faith that we can return to Moonlight’s previous glory and then some! We are open for business once again, and I hope to see many of you swing by in Moonlight’s discord (https://discord.gg/Bz8GsuM) 

May we prosper together!

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