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Regarding the moderation of Horsecock

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I know it was not brought up by in the original post and it's not as openly offensive as a rape army, but is "markets controlled by happy merchants with many shekels" really not as obviously offensive to you @Alex as it is to me. I'm not sure you are as immediately aware of antisemitism as you may come from an area with a smaller Jewish population, but to anybody of Jewish heritage it's very clear what meaning of that phrase is.

It could say the exact same thing with the word money instead of shekels and still be extremely anti-Semitic but using the term shekels makes it extremely clear that that is what Horsecock is implying.

You can literally Google the phrase and the first hit is Know Your Meme explaining the happy merchants meme. And I'll post this link from the ADL again in case further explanation is needed https://www.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/the-happy-merchant

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