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Xibeian news broadcast #187

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Good morning XSM citizens, I’m your host Jack Xyu, and ill start with this weeks news.

the South Japanese Empire has risen out of the tattered remains of the Japanese Shogunate. The SJE has had threatened territory in the pacific, which has caused the Dragon Alliance to scramble military forces.

The Germanic Empire declaimed war on our allies in South America to “grow the empire.” New Holland has been holding there lines as supplies are being shipped to them

In other news, New Ottoma has massed 34,000 troops on the Mog(Corp) border as they hope to kick out Mog(Corp) from Egypt. The New Chinese Congress has not supported this statement due to the fact that Mogar are there biggest trade partner. No attack date has been set.

also, strange broadcast have come from the American inland. The reason is still unknown.

in minor news the Soviet Union has fallen silent, with no new broadcasts since last month.

in bigger news, Ireland has ceded from the international, this move was supported by the Congress due to the dislike of the colonial empire Britain used to have. A supply ship has been sent to Ireland and will reach the nation in 1 week.

that was Xibeian news. I’m Jack Xyu, signing off.

See you next week.

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