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Reducing Combat Speed

Lu Xun

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On 9/14/2019 at 2:54 AM, Inst said:

I think one thing I've pointed out is how war in this game is so antagonistic to casual players. The activity requirements are simply too high, which results in high player attrition during wartime.

One way to deal with it is to reduce the speed of war, that is to say, to increase the amount of time available for players to counter, as well as to punish players less for being semi-inactive.


The two ways of doing this would be as follows:


1. Reduce MAP generation from one every 2 hours to one every 4 hours, or some other factor. This would also decrease server load, but it'd also make the game a lot less energetic for active players. The averse effects would be that this would effectively punish raiders, as well as decrease the rate in-game in which infra  is destroyed.


2. Reduce the rate at which units are destroyed by non-spy ops / improvement destruction. As before, this would make it so that players have more time to counter. The primary adverse effect would be making it harder to stop raiders, as raiders can deal more damage before their military is zeroed out.


In both scenarios, this would require the cost of units to be increased to compensate for lower war destructiveness (the point is not to start 12 month wars), and have the adverse effect of making it harder to updeclare and making downdeclares more dangerous, as unit rebuys are more powerful. One way to deal with that is to simply halve the rebuy time, making it so that planes now take 12 days to max out, soldiers take 6 days, and so on. Alternatively, for a third option, soldier, tank, aircraft, and ship maxes could be further increased, but this would make the problems of downdeclares even more irritating, as cities and infra now comprise smaller score components of the game.


Still, slowing down the pace of war would have many benefits in that the power of the blitz would be much reduced and that players and alliances would have more time to react to a preemptive strike. It would help reduce the tyranny of the offensive and create more tactical combat that's focused more on counters and deployments instead of simply who gets the better overwhelming blitz.

This is nice, but to do this, it might be necessary to extend the 5 day cap on wars.

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