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A few weeks back we ended our news service for Politics & War, this was mostly due to my real life career - although the career is still in full swing and I can't spend as much time writing articles, pissing off the masses and managing a website - we decided to open a new service to the ORB Discord and the greater PW Community, ORB Marketing.

If you know me, you know that I've been in the graphic business for quite some time and many of the images you see today on alliance pages and even here on these forums were created by me....I was also the one behind the great April Fools joke that showed a complete overhaul of Politics & War, I've got some skills up my sleeve. 

Apart from this service providing a steady stream of income to my nation (or to my pocket should you choose that form of payment), designing things and working on these projects is a huge stress reliever for me, I enjoy it, and I love to keep my skills at the highest level. So, we are back in business.

ORB Marketing offers a range of services from complete overhauls, flags, ads, and even consulting on what we think you could do better with your alliance, image, and overall public presence here in Orbis. You're probably thinking: "Max, what do you know about public presence - you're an ass!" Well, to that I say touche, but I also add that your first impression lasts, spending time within marketing and even through education channels, when something looks good or 'cool' people really don't care whats on the inside (or if a product even works up to par with the claims) if it looks cool, people will likely buy into it and the age old phrase "When you look good, you feel good" and I can help you out with just that.

Don't you want to feel good?

ORB Marketing is set up as a new service within our ORB Discord server. All you have to do if you're interested is open a ticket (instructions are in our marketing channels) and we can get started on what you need and what I can provide. No payments are necessary until we figure out exactly what you want and one payment is received, I'll get to work. Through the whole process you'll have your own channel we can communicate in (your ticket) and you'll receive daily updates on the progress and while you're waiting, hang out in our various other channels with 300+ members from Politics & War.

Ready to git look gud? Jump on our server if you're not already there.

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