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Ming Exta 30000

Xibei expeditions & border conflict

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The third Congress of China has concluded that the local powers of the region do not recognize the sovereignty of the Xibei San ma, and therefore expeditions to regional powers must be made to seek out trade deals. Congress also stated that troops must be stationed along the shogunate border to protect the nation against  shogunate expansion.

In other news, the first military factory was completed before schedule, which allows the first motorized trucks to be finished tomorrow at noon. This also allows the military to upgrade supplies that much easier.

last night at 1:54 AM, a border conflict occurred between the 1st Xibei cavalry division and a group of 150 pro-Japanese. In the fight, the 1st has 16 casualties, while the pro Japanese had 63 casualties, while the remaining group was captured. After questioning, the group stated that they wanted Xibei San ma to be annexed by the shogunate, yet they stated that had no relation with with the shogunate, and just admired their strength. This border conflict was one of the factors to the militarization of the Xibei-shogunate border. This interaction has also soured any positive diplomatic status the nation could have had with the shogunate, and resulted in a objective of befriending colonial powers in the region.

Congress hopes to gain recognition from the national community, and to gain trade deals with colonial powers in the area as soon as possible.

Edited by Xibei National Counsel
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