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Xibei San ma trade deals

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This morning, the second Chinese Congress made multiple trade plans to insure the nation has natural resources for its upcoming industrial plan. There first plan was to ask Canada for wood traded for oil and coal. the distance between the two countries would make transport impossible at the moment, but that would be worked on if Canada excepts.

the second idea was to ask mog(Corp) for iron and steel, to keep the motorized trucks building schedule consistent. If they where to except, then they would receive mining access to the northern coal & oil mines.

The third, and most popular plan, was to ask Britannia for wood. In return, Britannia would get access to the petroleum mines in the south of the nation.

Congress also stated that it will not trade any materials to or from japan, due to the Sino-Japanese war in 1937. Any company caught trading to Japan will be disbanded immediately.

the plans have been sent to there respective nations. As Congress waits for a response, an industrial plan will be worked on. The 2nd Chinese Congress will conclude at 1:00 pm today, but may be extended If a nation responds to a plan.

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The corporation would be willing to provide whatever amounts of iron and steel required, to be transported by corporate vessels to the Asian coastline, and a lend-lease program to transport vehicles to get the materials inland if Xibei accepts.

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