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The Return

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Rift Relative PW:
Imperial Nalydian 7th Fleet "Vanguard of Impulse"

Like the inexorable march of consequence - surefooted, wonted, and tacit - the heavy legions of the High Hunter's navy once again make passage through the putrid voidswells relative to the myriad realmfabrics of the PW universes. Ever-spiteful, the rift abhors their presence - a presence forced upon them by the fleet's overall admiral, the commander of the 5th Naval District, Admiral Manster Heinz. Having initially withdrawn his forces from both PW-1 and PW-2 following the Second Arbiter Debacle, and the appearance of considerable Naxid forces, he has come to view the realms in new light. 

They will serve as a training ground for the relatively green 7th Fleet, and once the sailors of the formation have been sufficiently bloodied, they will rotate out to be replaced by another of the newer formations. Thus, in command of the 7th Fleet directly, is Admiral Atalyn Kalavüt. A reserved Pord from the mountains of Grazhni Brüchor, her command here is one of many career firsts: first foray into another universe; first command above assault fleet level; first Pordish admiral to return to PW after countless cycles.

And so, from her command room, she pours over the displays...

No, nam-Zhälnargrazhni. We aren't detecting any anomalies. Scans indicate everything is within expected parameters for this region.

The news is good. Kalavüt zooms in on the displays and pans around to gain a better view of where her advisers wish for them to breach the multiversal barrier. Tasi, tasi, proceed.

Across the chamber, her order is confirmed: Karüchenchelas suzttelglat, zha suzttelglatna skyk; all vessels advance through and continue onward.

A wayward current of rift batters her warship, the VRZ Arctic Camel, as it adjusts in the sickly domain. Tall plumes of filth cough forth from her funnels; the current is strong, but not overpoweringly so, and the vessel is able to negotiate her way through it without drifting off course. To their stern, the second warship in the line follows Kalavüt's lead, and similarly powers through the offending current. Most of the ships in the local vicinity, the boats of Kalavüt's flagship battalion, prove unphased by the current's affront. 

Some distance off her starboard bow, far nearer than any of the warships of the formation, a reactor ship lumbers before the shadow of Kalavüt's giant. It takes up a good position a few degrees north of her line of advance before appearing to slow considerably. It has made contact with the multiversal barrier, and her engines now pour sickening torrents from vast thruster-nozzles as they force the leaden-sailing vessel through the streams of the barrier.

And it succeeds.

With the passage of moments the other formations of Kalavüt's baggage train force their way through the barrier as well, and not to be outdone, the Arctic Camel's captain guides her through with much alacrity, and perhaps no more than ten minutes after giving the order to advance into the realm, all of Kalavüt formations (a force of no more than fifty divisions) are soundly on the PW side of the barrier with good pace and spacing about them.

Scans still returning as normal. No higher-order signatures or any indication of technologically advanced civilizations. Cross-referenced with our own records... This appears to be correct.

What about our locales of exit? Are they still serviceable?

There is a pause with the question. Whether to emerge in PW-1 or PW-2 has been a contentious point of debate for Kalavüt and her officers. Initial scouting parties have reported back very limited signatures of civilization in PW-2, but PW-1 still appears to be thriving - or what passes for such in these regions.

All of the systems you marked for arrival, save for Sol, are empty.


We are not detected any Naxid presence.

Kalavüt nods, and nods again. Bring us about relative to PW-1. We will drop out of rift in the pre-assigned systems with the pre-assigned complements.

Tasi, the order is received; tasinehdao! the order is echoed.

A stone's throw beyond the Oort Cloud of PW-1's Sol System, a star-system the locals to varying degrees know as Orbis, a number of FTL-exit signatures flash for mere seconds before fizzling away into nothingness. Then, far nearer than the Kuiper Belt, the distinctive IFFs of VRZ brigade level formations pulse to life. With the various brigade IFFs are two more uniform signatures: one for the overall division, and a second for that of the VRZ itself. The gargantuan bulks of dozens of Pordish capital elements flow into coherent reality with their baggage train screens, and with their rather standard emergence set course for the inner system.

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