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Arizona Robbins

Nakamura Militarization

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"Work of self, obtainment of self"

With tensions increasing, and intelligence of potential threats to the main island, the Empress has called for a General Mobilization of her Military.  The Shogunate Army, navy and Air Force are to report for duty immediately, and Martial Law is now under effect. Any Citizens caught outside during curfew will be detained and the local law enforcement shall work with the Shogunate Military until told otherwise, this includes the lands held in China, Korea and the Philippines  and every citizen is required to report suspicious activity to the authorities. During these times, soldiers will also continuously train to increase their skills, Navy Carrier Fleets will be stationed strategically to guard the Maritime borders of the Shogunate 

X marks the location of Japanese Naval Fleets(8 in total)

the Lines indicate its movement(where its being transferred to)






The Shogunate's Air Force shall keep an eye over the Japanese mainland's airspace under the Shogunate's direct control and will be patrolling the skies, with the majority being stationed in Japanese mainland and Korea. The borders shall be militarized as well, with major port cities receiving a reinforcements


The Reserves would not be called in to active duty, however every weekend they'll be required to come to training unlike the previous every other week requirement. 


The Industrial sectors are also ordered to start mass producing weapons, with importing majority of the required resources from Tanakosin empire due to the Japanese mainland lacking in natural resources. 



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"Rise of the Nakamura Navy"

The Empress has called upon the Navy to construct the following:

2 Carriers, 10 destroyers, 6 cruisers, 4 arsenal ships, 16 drone ships and 10 amphibious assault ships to increase the Navy Carrier fleet to hold 10 Carrier groups. The Empress also decreed the shipyards to be opened 24hours, with four shifts. 1st shift working 6am to 3pm, second shift 10am to 7pm, 3rd shift 2pm to 11pm and fourth shift 10pm to 7am

With that, the Empress has also ordered the Military to increase communication security to keep out foreign governments from listening to Japanese comms and increase soldier count on the Japanese-British border in Japan, awaiting for the two year(2 months irl) timeframes for the removal of British soldiers and government from the mainland and the restoration of the Japanese main island. 


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