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The lines have been drawn and the prosperity of Africa begins

Barry Allen

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In the midst of building better and bigger cities within the Empire, 4 tactical divisions would be sent out into the middle East, first eliminating radical threats and then securing communications. Once established the Empire would send an armada of 300 ARD1 and 200 EFC-3 along with 2 tank divisions and 3 infantry divisions across the lands setting up multitple bases specifically so operating out of the Northern regions which are considered high priority. Once considered secure the nation would then begin placing constant surveillance drones and border guards before releasing the following statement

"As of today, The Eternal Empire of Egypt has drawn lines representing what the government believes to be under our protection from outside colonization and has furthermore placed the border under 24/7 surveillance requesting all non-african nation's not cross into the border or risk an escalation of conflict."

below is a map of where the mentioned border is, and where the empire has set up military bases and claimed under Egyptian control


#WALDOASF SIGGIF.gif.fbe87157f6507ae8c6df0ee1d66bd3b1.gif

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