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The Eternal Awakened

Barry Allen

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Military Might of the Eternal Egyptian Empire



Active Military- 1,000,000

Reserves- 700,000

Total Troops= 1,700,000

Challenger 2

Leopard 2A7

K2 Black Panther

Anti-tank vehicles

Anti-aircraft vehicles


Transport vehicles

Vehicle total= 15,000



Egypt Class Fighter (ECF-3) - Armored fighter jet similar to the F-22, stocked with heat seeking missiles and fully rotating, automatic machine guns on either side. Designed to enter and exit the atmosphere with airtight containments and oxygen to last approximately 24hrs under normal circumstances and being completely full. Max speed of Mach 7

Anubis Bomber A7 (ABA7) - High stealth bomber capable of speed up to Mach 4 and able to drop payloads up to 70,000 lbs. The jet is fitted with reflective technology able to turns itself practically invisible to the naked eye. The jet is also fitted with internal cooling and heat dispersal weapons to avoid guided and heat seeking missiles. 

Khufu Transport ships (KTS) - These ships are massive fortresses meant for Interstellar and planetary travel. Each ship can carry 50 air craft and are capable of speeds at Mach 5.6 on planet and much higher in space. Each ship is fitted with 2 hyperdrives and acts as an envoy between the Egyptian space station and the Eternal Empire. These fortresses are also fitted with their own AI capable of 24/7 defense and action protocols programmed into them. These ships are fitted with a super computer powered tracking system to act as missile deterrents. These ships are also heavily armoured, being plated with several layers of metal and shock absorbant material. 

Amun Ra Drone (ARD-1) - The ARD1 is made specifically for offensive purposes, fitted similarly to the ECF-3 but with the extra space being used for larger ammunition quantities and faster and more agile capabilities. These drones can reach speeds of Mach 9.2 and have multidirectional flight, allowing the ships to spin and turn in extreme ways that would normally kill the pilot. These are piloted remotely and directly by an AI placed on board the base they come from. 

ARD-2 - The ARD 2 is a transport drone made specifically for moving materials and equipment between places on the planet. The drones top speed is Mach 4.6.

ARD-3 - The ARD 3 is a drone meant entirely for construction purposes, fitted with advanced tractor beams to move and lift and even arrange object up to the size of small homes. These ships are used for quick base construction and easy rebuild or building within the nation or outside of it. 

Omega Class Space cruiser (OCSC) - These space ships are the largest craft in the Empires arsenal, limited to space travel, and capable of incredible speed, reducing a trip to the moon and back to just two hours. These ships are fitted with heavy defenses and even heavier thruster and hyperdrive systems, each ship is capable of carrying two KTS and are docked in the Egyptian Space Station. 

Aircraft Total= 6,500


Naval Force:

Carrier group Alpha - 7 destroyers, 5 sub's, 4 missile boats, 5 cruisers, 1 capital ship

Carrier group Beta - 5 destroyers, 3 sub's, 4 missile boats, 4 cruisers, 1 capital ship

Carrier group Charlie - 6 destroyers, 4 sub's, 3 missile boats, 4 cruisers , 1 capital ship


Destroyer - King Sejong the Great class 

 Attack Submarine - Seawolf Class

Missile boats - Skjold-class missile boat

Cruiser - Ticonderoga Class Cruiser

Capital Ship - Ford Class

Nuclear Submarine (4) - Ohio Class

Total Ships= 61


Tactical Equipment:

Nuclear Arsenal - 1,400

Espionage Operatives - 230

AI weapon systems - The AIWS is a system powered by high end super computers capable of managing much of the Egyptian military from multiple points. These AI are used for the tracking and processing of military developments around Egyptian holdings and bases having capitalized on missile defense both nuclear and non. These systems use land, air, sea, and space based radars and satellites to perform their duties and programs. 

AI internal systems - The AIIS is very similar to the AIWS except it is used for maintenance and overwatch of the interior of the Eternal Empire. 

Egyptian Space Station - The ESS is a large space station used as a internal trading center between the planet side empire and her bases within space. The base is a dock and refueling poing for all Egyptian space craft. The ESS carries multiple defense systems and offensive systems acting as a literal base in space. 

Sekhmet Rod bases (10) - The SRB are small bases set up in orbit carrying 20 rods, meant for powerful kinetic destruction similar to that of a nuke but lacking in the fallout. These bases act as defense and deterrent weapons as an alternative to nuclear weapons

(Updated January 13, 2019) 



Edited by Barry Allen

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