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Camelot's Quest

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Flowing down to Camelot. 
Four gray walls, and four gray towers 
Overlook a space of flowers, 
And the silent isle imbowers

Arthur of Camelot

Camelot is opening it's doors to New Members, our community has prospered and our goals are being realized.
It is only right, that by expanding our brotherhood we can accomplish greater victories and change this game for the better.
Burn Pixels, Steal treasure, Whisper Secrets and leave a legacy.

Camelot Quest's
Will you be Joining?


King - Arthur
Wizard - Shadow
Dragon - Epimetheus

Internal Affairs - Leo Messi & MinesomeMC
Economic Affairs - Oda & Constantine
Foreign Affairs - Commander Papi
Military Affairs - Zain


  • Low Tax
  • Active Senate
  • Experienced Community
  • Proactive Foreign Policy
  • Meritocracy

Only for the Loyal and Brave.
Cowards don't Apply.

Alliance & Discord

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07/13/2018 (81 Days Old)

Members: 50

Rank: 36

Average Cities: 9


Camelot has come a far way and as the youngest alliance in the top 50 we've already passed our first goal of reaching the top 40.

A goal we set for ourselves when combating the Silk Road Bloc & getting our first few members.

We are not an alliance that waits for greatness, we actively seek it out.

To Join, Seek US Out


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