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Making our mark

Barry Allen

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Mission Report: May 06, 2018

Time: 1100 hours

Location: Northern Enemy territory in New Zealand

Lead General: Mon El 



Mission Video:

*Three IFO aircraft are seen in the video flying across the water towards a mountain*

Alpha: "Alpha to Bravo and Charlie, be advised I have sights on the target"

Charlie: "We have a visual as well"

Bravo: "Likewise"

General Mon El: "Team 1 you are clear to engage"

Alpha: "Alright boys, just like we practiced."

Bravo: "Weapon systems activated"

Charlie: "Target locked on"

Alpha: "On my one. Three. Two. One"

*The three aircraft would begin strategically taking down anti air weaponry and shredding the base when a swarm of enemy cold war era aircraft begin pouring into the shot*

Charlie: "I've got several enemy aircraft incoming"

Alpha: "Alright men, evasive manuevers, let's show them who we are"

*the following scene would show the three aircraft with ease picking of the enemy aircraft using the speed of the ships and precision of there bullets until there is one aircraft left that manages to get a critical hit on Charlie*

Charlie: "I've been hit. I'm going down, 30 seconds to impact"

Alpha: *shoots the last enemy aircraft* "Bravo you know the drill, drop and carry"

*Bravo would begin plummeting at immense speed towards Charlie. A solid beam would begin to appear from the ship and around Charlie and just before it crashed into the mountain he would be stopped from hitting the ground*

Bravo: "Lieutenant, I've got you"

Charlie: "Thanks Major"

General Mon El: "Team we have our ground forces moving in you are clear to return to base"

*From the other two directions the last strong hold of the enemy forces would be surrounded and over taken*


End of Mission Report


Mission Report: May 05, 2018

Time: 1300 Hours

Location: Hainan, China

Lead General: John Stewart



Mission Video:

*A single AMAZO Droid alongside a heavy mility force would land on the Island and begin making quick work of the defenses before reaching the main city of the Island*

Droid: "Mission Control, I count several enemy life forms. Permission to engage requested"

General John Stewart: "Permission granted, take them quickly"

*The Droid and his team would begin a fierce and quick take down of the enemy forces before achieving victory and a surrender of the islands forces to the Regime.*


Mission Report End


Mission Report: May 05, 2018

Time: 0100 Hours

Location: Sumatra and Kuala Lumpur

Lead General: Kimiyo Hoshi


Mission Video:

*The Video would be much shorter than other because the attack on these lands would show a carrier group in the distance unleashimg a large IFO presence alongside 4 AMAZO Droids and the AI Cyan herself who completely shut down power to the region until the enemy surrendered*


End Mission Report

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