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Welcome to Rokkenjima

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Welcome to Rokkenjima. The Golden Witch extends her heartfelt greetings. First, please put yourself at ease.

There is nothing too difficult to think about. Accept entirely, silently, the events to happen.

That is all that is asked of you.



The Witch Council would like to welcome you to Rokkenjima.


Although governed by witches, Rokkenjima is a nation that promotes equality between magical beings and humans.

The nation itself is overseen by the Witch Senate, but is governed directly by the Witch Council.

The Witch Council oversees all aspects of the nation, and consists of seven members.

  • Eva-Beatrice - Golden and Endless Witch
  • Beatrice - Golden and Endless Witch
  • Virgilia - Golden and Endless Witch, Witch of the Finite
  • Gaap - Golden and Endless Witch
  • Ange-Beatrice - Golden and Endless Witch, Witch of Truth, Witch of Resurrection
  • Bernkastel - Witch of Miracles
  • Lambdadelta - Witch of Certainty

The leadership of the Rokkenjima Armed Forces:

  • Satan Jacob - Commander
  • Alciel - General
  • Lucifer - General
  • Esdeath - General

Rokkenjima's Head of Foreign Affairs:

  • Crestia Bel

Some other facts and statistics for convenience:


Capital City: Evatrice

Population: 283,789,942

Demonym: Rokkenjiman

Currency: Yen

Ethnic Groups: Japanese - 75.0%, Korean - 14.0%, Chinese - 6.0%, Mongolian - 3.5%, Russian - 1.5%

Languages: Japanese - 100%, English - 100%, Korean - 15%, Chinese - 10%, Mongolian - 4%, Russian - 2%

Religions: Satanism - 88.1%, Buddhism - 4.4%, Shintoism - 3.5%, Christianity - 2.8%, Other - 1.2%

Life Expectancy: 120 years

Obesity: 0%

Alcohol Users: 75%

Hard Drug Users: 0%


Economy: Capitalist

GDP: $7,595,998,000,000

Industries: Anime, Manga, Tea, Fast Food, Candy, Trading, Shipbuilding, Furniture, Literature Publishing


Military Personnel: 2,300,000 (4,700,000 max.)

Tanks: 24,000 (94,000 max.)

Aircraft: 8,000 (16,920 max.)

Ships: 250 (360 max.)


Terrain: Mostly rugged and mountainous

Highest Peak: Mt. Fuji, 3,776 meters

Lowest Valley: Hinamizawa Valley, 0 meters

Climate: Varies from tropical to cool temperate

Enjoy your stay!

Rokkenjima's Declaration of Existence has been signed by the Witch Council.


Edited by Eva-Beatrice
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