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Information on Laurentia

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Federation of Laurentia

Type Of Government: Federal Monarch    

Head of State: Prince Raimond

Chief Justice: Princess Eleanore Ravenclaw 

Head of Government: President: Véronique Laurens

Head of Parliament: Prime Minister: Jean-Zofia Korczak

Upper House - Maj. Konservative Partei [64 Seats] 

Senat  - 170 Seats

Lower House - Maj. Demokratische Bewegungs Partei  [340 Seats]

Nationalversammlung Nationale - 630 Seats

  •     The Monarch helped far more power than other monarchs. The Royal Family enjoyed vast benefits, with the King or Queen being Head of State, The Military swear oath to the monrch, and although not Commander-in-Chief, the Military is under the control of the monarch, but only yield able through the Parliament and President. The Monarch can remove any Member of Parliament or Cabinet and have an influence on the High Courts. All Servicemen and Women swear an oath to the Monarch and Obey the command of their President and Officers. Citizen also swear an oath to the Monarch and the nation. Diplomats are also required to swear allegiance to the Monarch and obey the Foreign Minister and his disciples to serve the nation. The Monarch is also the Governate and Protectorate of the Special Administrative Region of Montréal,New Haven, and The personal island of Saint Marie.  The Monarch also elects the Mayor of Montréal. 
  • The Monarch also appointees the Governor of Saint Marie, their personal island, as well as its protector. The Monarch also is in charge of the protection of the Special Administrative Regions of Montréal and New Haven. The Ministry of Civil Defense handles all matters of Security in the Special Administrative Region.    

  • The Ministry of Civil Defense handles all matters of defense inside the Federation. The nation’s Gendarmerie are under the leadership of the Ministry of Civil Defense. The GRL, (La Gendarmerie Royal du Laurentia) Are also an elite group, that work in conjunction with the Groupe de Sécurité de la Présidence de la Fédération, or GSPF. The GRL and GSPF protect government buildings and The Monarch as well as members of government. 

  • The Ministry of Justice is responsible for new constitutional amendments

  • The Judicial Branch confirms laws before they can be signed by the Prime Minister and President to be presented to the Monarch. The Judicial Branch is the only branch of government that can remove a sitting President or Prime Minister. The Judicial Branch is made up of 7 High Justices, 2 of whom are selected by the Royal Family, and the remaining 5 are selected by the President.  

  • The Federation has a bicarmel legislature, with The Nationalversammlung as the lower house, The Senat as the upper house. There are 630 members of the Nationalversammlung, and 170 members of the Senat.

  •     The Nationalversammlung can draft bills, comment and advice bills from the Senat, they are more in touch with the people, and their name translate to, the national assembly. In recent years, the people have even held debates or arguments in the Grand Hall, often filling the rooms. This method has allowed people to voice their concerns and views to the Government.  
  •     The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the sole right to appoint a Diplomat or an Envoy without the consultation or intervention of the Parliament. However, a small section of the Assemblée Nationale Committee on Foreign Relations can remove a diplomat 
  •     The High Court Justices serve for life. The Prime Minister and President appoint a new Justice should they die or retire. 
  •         Governors can implement local laws (which are still reviewed by the High Courts), they can call in their Police to administer Law. They can issue edicts and are responsible for the safety and lawfulness of their regions. 
  •         Mayors follow Governor Laws, ensure their implementation, respond to edicts and run their districts. They meet in Regional Councils every 2 weeks with their respective Governor.


The People vote every 10 years for the President. Who in return choses the Prime Minister which is, most of the time from the majority party in the Nationalversammlung Nationale. The People vote for their Mayor and Governors whom collectively vote for their region’s members of Senators. The President can replace a retired or fallen Justice. 

    The people vote in a general election for a party, and how much percentage of the vote a party gets is how many seats in Nationalversammlung they get. In Municipals it is a 50% majority requirement to be elected. A second round is held between the top 2 if no clear winner is found. 

Each region (14) have 12 Senators. In 1992, President Rosemarie Laurens held a referendum which limited the power of the Senat and added 2 new senators to represent the Special Districts of New Haven and Berlin.

    The Monarch has a special power in which it can assume control of the Nation in times of total war and public dissidence, the Monarch is also exempt from the public court of law as they have their own court, and the small city of Saint Frederik is under the jurisdiction and control of the Royal Family. 


His Majesties High Court 

Justice Salzar, Justice Ravenclaw, Justice Scallop, Justice Erika, and Justice Huntsmen


Intelligence Services

Bundesamt für Untersuchungen


Justice Aurelia “Six” Huntsmen

    - Fringe Division (1970-Present) 

    Director Thalmor Marius 

Department of Homeland Security (1750-Present)

Director Hunter

    - Military Intelligence Service (1755-Present)

    Major General Carl Gustav 

Royal Intelligence Service (1560-1860)

Last Director: Danial Bull (1810-1860)

Secret Intelligence Services  (1860-1910)

Last Director: Axe Marcus (1840-1922)

Die königliche Intelligenz der Majestät (1910-Present) 

Director Hans Anderson




Capital: Berlin

Major Economic Hubs: Vredesville, New Haven, and Berlin

Biggest City: New Haven 15.3 Million residents 


Biggest City: Verdesville 14.5 Million 

Total 30,004,000

Major Cities


New Haven 



New Strasville 




Royal Capital: Port Marie-Theresa, Saint Marie

Capital: Berlin 



GDP: $1,072,000,000,000

GDP PPP: 43,542

Currency: Kronenn 

    Laurentia is a Mixed Economic System. The Government heavily invests into the Public sector and has often also invested into promising private companies. Companies moving to Laurentia enjoy 23% Tax reduction for 15 years. Being able to keep jobs in the Secondary Sector has been no easy task, but the government opens new infostructure programs hiring many people. The Government also puts people with Secondary jobs [construction, mining, forestry, etc…] on the top of lists for Government Programs, and have access to top quality education free of charge. In modern trends, people in Secondary Sector jobs have decreased to roughly 5% of the total labor force.  Because of the global trend in decline towards these jobs, the government has increased spending towards advertising the free eduction policies the government employees so that people in these sectors can be put into skilled labor. 

    Laurentia’s economy has an AAA rating and has built a strong currency the Kronen or Laurentian Kronen. Valued at 1 Kr - 0.75 USD, The Kronen has built a sustainable exchange rate with other nations. The economy has grown consecutively since 2002 but has had sharp declines in 2004, 2007, and 2014 as a result of global economic downfall. However, growth continued and the government’s federal surplus has amounted to nearly 8 Trillion Kr. 

    Laurentia’s debt had been roughly 207 Billion Kr in 1998 and was growing at an astonishing rate. The Demokratische Bewegungs Partei quickly moved to curb this debt crisis by limiting foreign investment, and increasing spending in the public sector and providing higher economic incentives for companies to move into Laurentia. 


Health Care

The State runs a health care system called Couverture Maladie Universelle or CMU. In the CMU, all Laurentian Citizens may visit all hospitals and clinics in the country. Every citizen has a CMU card issued at the age of 18. Before 18 children are linked to their parent’s accounts. Although health check ups must be paid in cash, the Government reimburses the CMU account between 70-80% of the cost. Treatments are paid for by the Government, and the CMU account is always topped off by the Government. However, the CMU costs the country a huge chunk of its GDP. Roughly 400 Billion Krone go to Health Care. However, Laurentians enjoy some of the best healthcare, and the most healthy and longest lives.


Established in 1947, the CMU, everyone must pay for mandatory Health Insurance in the form of Payroll Tax, Income Tax, and other taxes such as Alcohol and Tobacco tax. There are 5 types of Insurance, General, Independent, Agricultural, Student, and Public Servant. The CMU covers things from In and Out patient, Specialists, Dentists, Diagnostic, Prescription Drugs, Medical Device, Mental Health, Medical Transportation, House Call, Maternity Benefits, and Child Care. They also have a health insurance plan for the unemployed, and others who may not be able to obtain one from their work.  Although Doctors make less money compared to other nations, they receive free medical training, income and social security tax reductions and government support.  Doctors who do use the Government System have funds and budgets set by the Ministry of Health, who also decided the numbers of beds, what equipment used, and set up procedures.  The costs of health are really low, with a check in costing roughly 1 Kr, a night in the hospital could cost up to 18 Kr, and medicine costs less than half a krone. The sicker someone is, the less it costs. Cancer patients receive 100% free medical care, people with obesity receive personal trainers and other medical conditions receive medical care to prevent the spread or worsening of a condition.  Roughly 56% of doctors in Laurentia are self-employed and a majority use Government systems


Labor Laws

The Labor laws of Laurentia, are modernized and revised version of the de Roux Labor Code. Since 1970, Laurentia had been created a new labor code. Under Prime Minister de Roux, the country saw a pro-business and anti-union legislature which led to 3 months of protest and riots until the protests died out. Economic prosperity continued and rapidly rose. 

People and Society

Acronym: Laurentia 

Population: 30,532,220

Ethnic Groups: Laurentians, Witten, Teutonic

Languages:  Deutsch, EnglischFranzösisch

Demonym: Laurentian

Life Expectancy 

96 Years Male

98 Years Women 





    The primary and official language of Laurentia is Deutsch, and the secondary and also official language of Laurentia is Französisch and Englisch. 

Culture TBC


The Federation declared a Secular State in its creation in 1932, however until the Conservative Governments collapse in 1978, religion heavily influenced government and played a pivotal role in policy making. Since the collapse of the Conservative Government in the late 70s,  the Federation slowly moved into a fully secular state. 

The Secular Government following the death of Conservative de Roux worked to enforce the Secular Ideas with Religion no longer affect state affairs.  The Government has worked to accommodate all the religious groups within Laurentia, and majority of the populous live in harmony. Religious strifes caused a lot of problems for the Konservative Administration 

87% of the Nation Identify as Christian 

    62% as Catholic 

    31% as Protestant

    7% as Eastern Orthodox 

3% identify as Muslim 

    2.9% Sunni 

    ~.1 Shia 

2% identify as Jewish 

8% identify as non-religious or follow traditional religions


Die königlichen Streitkräfte deiner Majestät

Defense Budget; 400 Billion Kronen (2017) 

Defense Minister: Hans von Jæger

Commander-in-Chief: Hier Prince Raimond

“Head of the Royal Armed Forces”: President Véronique Laurens

Prime Minister de Roux re-instated conscription for a mandatory 18 Months with the exception of seeking a higher education; in which you will have to join the army after your education, as well as those seeking a professional military career. Military service is a requirement for Government positions as well. Both Women and Men are required to be apart of the Military. 

Königliche Bodenkräfte

Chief of Ground Forces: General Julius Marius 

Motto of The Royal Ground Forces: 

Active Front-line Personnel; 150,000 

Reserve Personnel; 200,000 Professional

Tanks; 6,500

AFVs; 2,500

IFV: 1,231

SPGs; 1,000

Tower Artillery; 450

MLRSs; 797

Military Doctrines: The Ground Forces of The Royal Laurentia Armed Forces TBA

    Königliche Seebataillon

Chief of Marine Forces: Emmanuel Reinhardt

Active Front-line Personnel; 35,000 

Reserve Personnel; 25,000 Professional

Military Doctrines: The Marine Forces are the initial shock units of the Laurentian Ground Offensive. Inserted into hot zones, the Laurentian Marine Forces pave the way for Army Units and Aerial Units to take the next leg of the offensive. The Marines have the unique condition of being an integrated force consisting of its own Air, Naval, and Armor forces. 

    The Marines have become a recent element of the Royal Laurentian Armed Forces, only being in service as an independent branch since 1942. Pre-1942 the Marines served under the Royal Navy and Special Forces Command. They guarded Naval Installations, Embassies, Consulates, Foreign Diplomatic Outposts and had specialized units to take part in raids and operations. 

    Since 1942, the Marine Forces have become the primary force of the Royal Armed Forces. The Marine Forces maintain their own Aerial and Naval capacities, and have small Amour elements. 


königliche Luftwaffe

Attack Planes

F-4 Opera 23 

F-17 Stallion 640

F-35 Westfal 730 

Helsinki-23 342

Bombers 660 

IQ  Classified

Hunter 340 

Blistful Classified

Transport Planes 320 [including 20 Ospreys]

Attack Helicopters; 450

Blackbeards Classified

Apache Classified

Transport Helicopters: 230 


Military Doctrine:  TBA

Königliche Marine

Admiral of the Fleet: Admiral Prince Charles 

Aircraft Carriers-1 

The HMLS Carnegie-Mellon was built in 2010, the Carnegie-Mellon was built in honor of the University Carnegie Melon in Berlin which had been the first Private University to be tuition free. The Carnegimelon was refurbished in 2016 after being in Scotland Yard since late 2014. The Carnegie-Mellon also has anti-person and anti-craft weaponry and has a small detachment of Royal Marines “Sea Watchers’’ [dubbed by the Royal Marines] on board. The Carnegie-Mellon is one of the most advance Aircraft Carriers and is the Most Expensive Ship totaling 8.5 Billion Kronen and an additional 3 Billion Kronen to refurbishment. The Carnegie-Mellon has been deployed to the Middle East, North America, and the Arctic Ocean before. 

HMLS Laurentia - It is a former military aircraft carrier refitted for The Royal Family and was the first aircraft carrier ever built by the Royal Navy. The HMLS Laurentia starts the annual Naval Drills, and has been traditionally the starter of  Naval Parades and other occasions. The Laurentia costed 3.2 Billion Kronen and was refurbished at an additional 1.56 Billion Kronen. The Laurentia carried Strike Forces used in Operation Tango and Operation Kreig to rescue Laurentian kidnapped in Iceland and was used to bomb elements of The Peoples Army in Northern Kiel. The Laurentia was an iconic symbol of the nation, which only maintained 30,000 active front line personnel and set the stage for its future expansion. The Laurentia was also used in the Wallionian-Laurentia War, and the War of Oranges to suppress the bigger armies around Laurentia. 

Frigates-  34

Destroyers- 45

Corvettes- 21

Submarines- 40

Nuclear Submarines- 8

Coast Guard Ship- 32

Mine Sweepers- 20

Amphibious assault crafts-21 

Military Doctrine: TBA 


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