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Vacating the Realm

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Greater Nalydian Uranian and Neptunian Territory

Grazhni Oberon - Capital of Colony Natynozh


High Hunter Cholnaq nam-Talzhyn frowns as he looks over the ruins of what is now his capital. Reports have begun to flood in that Yamsi Natynozh IV has returned and through the alabaster splendour of his Chlümüchgrazhni, destroyed all of the Pordish claims on Orbis III. High Hunters Nykat and Kalanoq are presumed dead leaving nam-Talzhyn (considering the death of Kolytaq with the fall of System Natynozh) the sole High Hunter left of the Colonial Council. The Naxids and Yamsi have really taken their toll on the Pords here in PW-1, and with nam-Kalzhak and his division gone as well, the command structure is in tatters.


We should pull out of this universe, nam-Talzhyn states. He pans the horizon and shakes his head. There is not much left - Pords are working at rebuilding, but the process is not instantaneous. There is nothing here but trouble.


nam-Talzhyn's aid looks down at his datapad. Back home, High Hunter?


Maybe, he answers his aid. but perhaps not. We do have this multi 'versal system mapped, he says. He nods to another Pord who slowly approaches him. Grazhük, he says, DritteJloknam Kalanok.


At your service, the younger Pord replies. He bows respectfully before looking back up to the High Hunter


I'm glad you could make it here on such short notice. Tell me again about your arrival, he says. To this realm, I mean


Kalanok nods. High Hunter Hanüch established an exploratory program in which rift cruisers and their captains are assigned to searching vast swaths of the rift for places leading to potentially viable universes, Kalanok says. We found this universe, PW-1, in an area with a number of other, different, 'verses, he continues.


nam-Talzhyn looks to his aid. Yes - and High Hunter Balnook supported colonizing here in particular, he says. He chuckles slightly. Those two likely aren't having a fun time of it right now, he considers to himself. He's spoken with Kalanok before on the matter, but that was some time ago - back when nam-Talzhyn first came to PW-2. How viable did the other 'verses in the vicinity seem?


Kalanok audibly sighs. Most of them appeared to be dead - at least as far as we could tell. There was one, though...


Go on.


There was one which seemed to have civilization on Earth.


nam-Talzhyn holds back laughter. Earth? Again? There's just something about that damn blue orb of a world... Perhaps it is the only multiversal constant. In that case, we should move our assets to this other 'verse, nam-Talzhyn says, in lieu of completely falling back out of this multi 'versal system.


That universe did appear to be more stable, but we didn't pick up any signals of advanced civilization.


nam-Talzhyn nods. The absurdity of needing to flee an entire universe is not lost on him. They are huge and more than big enough for even the largest of civilized star-states to share, but when an entire 'verse is unstable and threatens to collapse... Perhaps then it is time to leave. Of course, the loss of nam-Kalzhak and over forty-three thousand ships of varying sizes is also heavily convincing. Kazhanye, for his part, was not happy to hear about the loss and is reluctant to release another division for colonial endeavours, especially now with Heinz steaming around PW-1.


Go on ahead to this 'verse, nam-Talzhyn says. Take your cruiser and the others and scout for us the Sol System.


Anything in particular we should look for?


Yes - go to the outer planets. We will rebuild there.


Kalanok nods. He salutes, thinks better, bows, then excuses himself: Hozhna, nam-Talzhyn Reknugrazhni, he says. 


nam-Talzhyn returns the bow. The cruiser captain retires from the ruins of the Villa and disappears off into the distance, no doubt in return to his vessel and to gather the exploratory team. nam-Talzhyn shakes his head. Not many are left. He turns then to his aid: Gather who's left and have them prep our holdings for transit. Kalanok won't be long.


Tasinehdao, his aid says. 

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Let the Eternal Winter Wash Over You

Nalydian Uranian and Neptunian Territory, PW-1


High Hunter, we are receiving a communique, a Pord calls. She turns away from the device and motions for nam-Talzhyn to come over.


Patch it through, he says. 


The Pord nods in return. She brings the communique through the communications array that has been brought to the Villa to replace the holocommunicators and other similar devices that were destroyed during the Naxid attacks. The message then is projected and she reads it for them all to hear:


"We have reached the PW-2 universe. Sol System appears to be intact. Outer planets are devoid of habitation. Inner worlds Sol III and Sol IV are inhabited. We foresee no major issues with transitioning into PW-2. No signs of major habitation, only smaller-scale settlements and fractured, independent, nation-states."


So. We should be good to progress, then? nam-Talzhyn's aid questions. 


Tasi, he says. We have work to do. Clear the cruisers to begin the transition.


nam-Talzhyn's aid nods. Tasi, hozhna, he replies. He reaches into his robes and pulls out a datapad and taps a few times on the screen. Within a moment or two a small hologram appears on the pad of a Pord who obviously is on the bridge of a vessel of some sort. nam-Talzhyn's aid speaks slowly and clearly: We have received word from PW-2. Secure coordinates from Kalanok and begin the transition.


Tasinehdao, the hologram replies. The Pord salutes and then disappears.


nam-Talzhyn turns to his aid: nam-Knachen, he says. We have work to do, he says once more.


His aid nods. We should be mostly ready for the transition, he says. He pushes what remains of the door to the chamber open and walks out in the hallway before finding the entrance to the Villa; nam-Talzhyn, behind him, takes another look at the ruins and then glances out into the void. 


In the void, connections are made with Kalanok's forces. The coordinates to the moons of Uranus and Neptune in Sol of PW-2 are acquired and targeting solutions drawn. Within five minutes everything is set to go. nam-Talzhyn sits watching Orbis through a large and rather primitive telescope; he can pick out the myriad landmasses and the nations upon them and the grand scars upon the Atlantic that were given by the Second Arbiter. 


We are ready to make the transition, nam-Talzhyn, his aid calls. I don't mean to break your concentration, he says.


Don't worry about it, nam-Talzhyn says. Take us out of here.


The aid nods. Once more he grabs his datapad from his robes and makes a few motions on it; moments later a permeating azure hue overtakes all of the Pordish holdings within the Uranian and Neptunian Territory and they all blink out of existence.

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