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A Curious Incident

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Al Mukalla, Eastern Yemen, AYO Colony


A notification had been broadcast across the land.


And as such, many civilians stormed into the city.


It was said that the Brotherhood would leave Orbis, that every attempt to make a home here had ended in setback after setback.


And so, so the people gathered, waiting for what was to come.


A man stood on the roof of the highest building, telling some observers to follow his movements.


He raised his head, and thrust his arms into the sky, as though he was lifting a great boulder and planned to throw it.


Others observed his gesture, and quickly told the entire assembled populace:  Thrust your hands towards the sky in the same way, and you would find salvation.


But these events did not occur only in Al Mukalla.


Muscrat, Omani State, AYO Colony


"I had honestly hoped that our Al-Jazeera would have continued."  The director muttered.


"Well."  The network's chief accountant sighed as he thrust his hands upwards like everyone else.  "The ratings were pretty terrible, so it's not that much of a loss."


Kyoto, Region formerly known as Japan


A few AKB-48 partisans were crying, but Aiko, their "Lieutenant" shook them into attention.


"We must be brave, for our people.  Our comrades told us to follow these movements, so let us go!"


The thrust their hands up, and waited...




"Brave Brothers and Sisters of the Motherland, we are needed elsewhere.  There is nothing left for us here!"  A group of red shirted men and women lifted their hands up in preparation for something amazing.


Nanchang, formerly Jiangxi Province in what was formerly known as China


"We must continue the Revolution elsewhere.  Raise up your hands and accept our new path!"


Tehran, in the area formerly known as Iran


"Persia is lost here, but she will return elsewhere!  Raise your arms, brothers!  Embrace the light!"


Bloemfontein, in the region once officially called South Africa


"The Spirit of the Afrikaan does not die, so long as we draw breath.  Raise your hands, brothers and sisters.  We are needed elsewhere!"


Around the world they raised their arms, and sure enough, pillars of light began to fall from the sky.


The engulfed these people, and they began to float!


Songs echoed across the planet, songs like:







https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J_lWaRouFY(OOC Aside:  Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika.is no doubt more beautiful, but this song is more thematically fitting, and it still holds joint National Anthem status in South Africa.)


But the song that echoed the loudest as the pillars of light took everyone, Mucrihadeen and noncombatant, away was this:



Every Little Thing, Gonna Be Alright...


And shortly afterwards, the land was devoid of people.


For they had all ascended, and were finally truly free.





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