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  1. “What do you mean we’re out of test subjects!?” Aozora Chiyumi, self-proclaimed Supreme Overlady of All Reality, had long had a penchant for revelling in suffering. Such was life for her- an endless cavalcade of tragedies she refused to care about. And of all of her achievements, the tenshification process- perhaps capable of achieving the arcane!- was of paramount importance. For months she had desperately tried to get the process to work, even amidst the terrors of the Tyrannical Revolution. But for all her efforts, she needed test subjects. Criminals used to satiate her bloodlust, her sadistic urges. And yet, all her efforts in promoting order- “There are simply not enough traitors left to test on,” said Hanabi. The red-haired woman wore black, in contrast to Aozora’s elaborate red cloak- adorned with the protrusions of a silver nekojo diadem beneath the hood. Her eyes blazed purple, her hair the same- all the result of contacts and dye. She wanted to seem mystical, a sorceress to match the power she claimed. But that was impossible without the right rituals. The right knowledge. The right process. And if she was low on test subjects.. ”Why can’t we just take ordinary people, then?” A smile crossed her face. “Doesn’t matter if they’re traitors. I need somebody to vent on.” And by that, she meant carve into pieces... ”There is another solution,” piped up Kiku. A pink-haired woman eager to go along with Aozora’s experiments for her own power. And the national head of diplomacy. And, as Aozora well knew, a total sociopath- one to be careful of. A manipulator. But perhaps the best hope she had of solving her crisis. She needed stress relief... “Other nations surely have criminals they would be happy to dispose of. Perhaps a diplomatic arrangement can be made? We must accept that for all of your claims, we have only a few islands. But to convert some of them into prisons may be a way to achieve your tests, and give others a place to send their least desired.” ”I don’t know,” said Hanabi. “Might be risky.” ”And a vector of illness,” added Naosu, the nation’s head of medical affairs. A woman who kept her unusual green eyes almost hidden beneath a mouth-covering surgical mask, to match the lab coat she wore. A perfectionist. A compulsive, obsessive woman with a desire for absolute symmetry. Aozora smiled at the thought. Her subordinates were all so...fascinating. “Any foreign disease struggles to reach us now as a result of no immigration. Accepting prisoners will result in an opening, a wound by which illness can infect the nation-“ ”Not if we...keep them in prison...” the voice of Kurushimi, head of the army, was more akin to a seductive whisper than the bombastic professionalism one would expect of her rank. And the large amount of exposed skin revealed that she was, in fact, more focused on her own scars than on her duty. But she loved pain. And Aozora did too- just, well, she preferred being on the opposite end. “Keep them...away...and we will all be...safe...” she twirled her knife as she spoke with a smile. ”Now that I think about it, where would these criminals come from anyway? Who pays to send a ship somewhere else instead of one bullet for one shot to kill them?” asked Aozora. She really wanted this solution, but she needed to be at least somewhat rational about it. ”Turned away immigrants,” said Kiku, with her own gentle smile- a false one, yes, but reassuring all the same. “We could serve as a place for them to send undesired arrivals by sea. A processing camp for immigrants who did not obey the rules.” ”Any country that would bother doing that would want them at least cared about,” said Hanabi, disgusted at the idea of caring for traitors and criminals. “We’d need to put up a front of...human rights.” The nausea almost caused Aozora to vomit then and there. “Human rights? Gah! I hate it! But what else is there? I’d rather not destroy my whole country, thank you very much. Hmmm...we’ll need to make clandestine agreements. Send a message to the wider world about it. See how they react first. Then we see how to proceed...” ————————————————— To: Those it may concern. From: Kiku, Head of Diplomacy Greetings to all powers of the world, Aware that many powers seek to turn away undesired refugees, we have a solution that appeals to those who desire the semblance of human decency. Chudokuren prisons are offering to take in foreign undesirables and accomodate their care. In exchange, we ask only that others obey the rules of the nation while present, and that they keep unwanted observations away. We do not tolerate dissent or espionage. The Supreme Overlady of All Reality wishes to extend this offer to any willing nation, on the understanding that our cells can only accommodate an estimated 1,200 additional personnel at this time, with twice the amount promised as the project is further developed. Interested parties are asked to contact me and discuss the matter. We hope to alleviate the burden from the shoulders of greater powers, for the sake of mutual interest. In name of tyranny, and on behalf of Aozora Chiyumi, Supreme Overlady of All Reality, absolute ruler of the Supreme Ultimate Country of Kyoki Chudoku, Kind regards, Kiku
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Kyoki Chudoku. I vary in how serious I am. Here, well probably not too much. I tend towards RP stuff and am going to fail so bad at managing my country. No matter. I like really insane things, tend towards dystopia for some reason, and give everyone chocolate chip cyanide cookies. I’m basically here for the heck of it.
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