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  1. “What do you mean we’re out of test subjects!?” Aozora Chiyumi, self-proclaimed Supreme Overlady of All Reality, had long had a penchant for revelling in suffering. Such was life for her- an endless cavalcade of tragedies she refused to care about. And of all of her achievements, the tenshification process- perhaps capable of achieving the arcane!- was of paramount importance. For months she had desperately tried to get the process to work, even amidst the terrors of the Tyrannical Revolution. But for all her efforts, she needed test subjects. Criminals used to satiate her bloodlust, her
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Kyoki Chudoku. I vary in how serious I am. Here, well probably not too much. I tend towards RP stuff and am going to fail so bad at managing my country. No matter. I like really insane things, tend towards dystopia for some reason, and give everyone chocolate chip cyanide cookies. I’m basically here for the heck of it.
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