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  1. Much like a profile pic, but the appearance of the leader, thoughts?
  2. Cost: Money - 10,000,000 (Or higher/lower depending on your suggestions) Food - 1,000 Steel: 2,500 (Or higher/lower depending on your suggestions) Keeps 1,000 tons of food safe from any type of war
  3. Cost: Money - 10,000,000 (Or higher depending on your suggestions) Food - 10,000 (Or higher depending on your suggestions) Uranium (For Food Resistance Testing) - 1,000 (Or higher/lower depending on your suggestions) Increase food production against radiation by 2.5% (Or higher/lower depending on your suggestions)
  4. Yeah, I didn't, the idea just popped up in my head, the idea still could work, for other government types that is
  5. How about having Vice Presidents, Mayors etc. as buffs, they could be of great use when you have low production of food but your Vice President has like a 10% buff in food production, but Vice Presidents, Mayors etc. will change via election reset
  6. Lets say your national currency is the Ruble, the in game count of your money is equivalent to the actual amount of the money to dollar e.g. Your original currency was ruble and you had 65,796,540.33 RUB and you decided to change your national currency to dollar, if you do so, the 65,796,540.33 RUB you had will be converted to $1,000,000 based on real life exchange rate
  7. Its ok if you disapprove, just tell me the pros and cons and other ideas you also want to implement into this
  8. Wouldn't it be cool if you could make colonies For example: you won a war, there is a chance that you can colonize the nation you battled with This could be handy for: resource grabbing e.g. you need some iron but the continent you are on doesn't provide it but the nation you fought with has it The approval rating of a colony describes how much people will be willing to rebel against you
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