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  1. My nation in a war with this nation. He had 4 ships I had 2 ships before the incident. I got this notification in the corner of my desktop and opened P&W. I attempted to build 24 ships and the order seemingly went through. He attacked me again at about the same time and I got another notification. After both of these attacks he is left with 4 ships and I am left with 0. This would be fair enough if I had just been too late to produce ships, but I checked my production and it indicated the order went through since my production was maxed. So from what I can tell 24 ships disappeared from an attack from 4 ships. I know I didn't build ships earlier to reach this "manufactured today" value because I transferred 1500 steel to myself at 1:38 PM game time (check my bank history) after running almost out. I currently have . 1516 - (24 ships * 25) = 916 steel, it follows the 1500 I sent. I have not used any steel on tanks or trades or lost any ships other than the 2 (check my war/trade history) since that transfer. I lost the daily production and resources for 24 ships. I'd appreciate if you could restore these or just give me 24 ships before day change or as soon as possible. My nation link Epsilon: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=143656
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