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  1. Orbis: How many times is Inquisitor going to keep making the same stupid mistakes? Inquisitor: As many times as it takes!
  2. You have but its okay, i forgive you.
  3. I didn't leave Magic, your reading comprehension sucks bro.
  4. What is a cb? And just because I didn't pay reps doesn't mean I'm taking easy ways out. You are more than welcome to come collect whatever you feel is due to you. But I promise, in the end it will cost sooooo much more to get that money, that it would be best just to let dead horses lay.
  5. Your right, you all should join VoC, be one of the only winning warriors in thier conflict and then enjoy being removed. LOL the fact VoC is even mad is hillarous. Even by your own words, i was a good member. Now i'm paraiah cause I called ya out on your failure to defend your alliance? Seems ligit.
  6. Did you not act according? I thought ya did. Never said ya didn't. I attacked your protectorate, or whichever way it goes, and you guys got together, and laid the smack down on me. Proved to me that indeed, BK and Syn are not just puppets, but real deal. So I took my lickins just as I had earned, and the moved on. You can name names all ya want, but I got the logs with those I spoke with, and they're hardly as inflamitory as you're making them out to be. Again, I understand, propaganda. I'm just confused why you feel the need to live in the past. The war is over, you guys won, handly. Though, as you stated, I made sure to take a ton of infra off of those that attacked me. That was my only response, was airstrikes, and I couldn't just sit there and take it. All the same, I think you think we still have a problem. We do not. Maybe you do, but we do not. literally loled, that's the good stuff.
  7. That's why your alliance's win loss record is crap lol
  8. How do i put this... hmm, probably like last time: I would rather burn to ash than bow to any. Now since you're still stuck in the past, i'mma hand you this time portal watch *hands ya watch* and allow ya to catch up to today. =) It was an honest mistake at the end of the day. I thought Syn and BK were just stockpiling up for other endevors, and since there were those that seemed to be allowed to be nothing but a farm nation for someone else. That's puppeting, and I struck. Then those I hit, all except one, messaged me, was like, "What did I do?", I explained my stance, to which all of em were like, "Cool, i'lll do that if ya peace out." and I did, and they did. No hostile talk, no names called. The only one I talk dirty to is you Magic ~.^
  9. First, I called ya a puppet, not a multi. I never accused anyone in BK or Syn of multiing, I said you were all a bunch a puppets. Now, to that, i was wrong, unless I'm willing to admit I got my ass kicked by a muppet. But yeah, this is why I stopped talking to you in game as well. You don't address what was said, you make up what I said, and then ask how I said what was never spoken. So, if you're the one that called off my ZI and now you're threatening it again? Yeah, that makes sense e.e Magic, you gotta work on your politicians tongue my friend.
  10. That's not true. You need to talk to your ppl and ask first hand. I offered congrats. I still got the logs so it's all good. It's why Syn didn't ZI me. We talked. As for teacher of the game. No no no, that is not my cup of tea. I am here to burn multis and maronettes only. I have no desire to educate anyone around here because honestly, that's more a lost cause than me =)
  11. Magic my friend thank you! that was so kind. I won't lie, i've thought about it. But making it in the acting scene is like a lottery. Your second part however is off base as it gets. First, I declared on some floaters, those with 3 cities and less than 6000 troops. Those are sock puppets, not nations. And they got what had coming, which was me peacing most all of em out after some communications with them. Once we talked, they saw my point, agreed to field a small army instead of none, and i left them be. I also congratted BK and Syn on thier ability to work together and put me on my ass. I told that to you too, infact. I had nothing but respect for you guys, but you're still mad. That said, Idk care you alliance flag guys. If you got 3 cities and can't even give em 9000 troops, i'll show up, be an ahole and make ya change. If that means "estbliashed" alliances will have a problem with me, then I say FIELD MINIMUM TROOPS AND YOU'LL NEVER HEAR FROM ME. Is it clear now, or do i need to re-word this for you again?
  12. that's the most convienate cut of that conversation. you leave out alot of what you had to say, which is fine. it's how propaganda works. But in the end, i got your maronette alliance to field a real army and quit floating. So therefore, you were winning like Charlie Sheen buddy, cause I accomplished my mission with flying colors. Also, I hope that those that already wish to rain down some kinda retaliation for making you aholes quit playing with sock puppets then I said it to ya before, and I'll tell ya again my friend, don't just sing it. Bring it.
  13. not quite the same inquistion. much like dragon age (though anyone that really has studied me knows, i was Inquistion before Inquisition was cool), while prior inquistions may have been built on things i would never agree with, this oneis designed to bring a positive light to orbis. I will not discrimate ppl by any method other than those which I have already stated.
  14. If you're reading this you have way too much free time ^.^

  15. I think that maybe land steal, which was brought up on another thread, and plz forgive me for not digging it up, was a good idea. Stealing infra doesn't make sense. I can't steal your buildings, well, i could if i aquire the land too...hmm..anyways, obvious writing off the cuff, but yeah, there should be some point in profitable war, and tech would be a good way of that.Plus spies could be used to steal tech, whiich is as real world as it gets, so it would be welcome to this sim,imho.
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