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  1. I haven't gone to war with any member of Pantheon since I left There was nothing to spy, and I didn't share any information to Nova Riata, which I could have easily done I've been in Arrgh, and multiple raiding alliances, my nation is a wreck, I don't see why I would have been bothered about losing some pixels I notified MTG that I had left, and explained my reasons for doing so, because I thought I trusted folk in Nova, which turned out to be wrong, apart from Njordor who convinced me to join, and I did after talking with them a bit, and playing poker with them, which I was into at the time. My reasons are outlined in my post, and my leave from Pantheon has not affected you one bit, even if you convince yourself it does.
  2. When the evidence is right in front of you, proven by the game mechanics, proven by Pooball himself, proven by the community. I cannot understand what it takes to be so impervious to the truth and blind not to see what is going on. To repeat myself: Akuryo, Frawley and DIO all experienced in the game mechanics concluded heavily on Pooball being the culprit, and Nova Riata being the alliance it was conducted in Pooball steps down, which is a large factor, you don't step down if you think you are telling the truth, and all of his excuses were debunked. The game itself, shown by Akuryo, gathers much evidence against Nova Riata, it's offshore bank, it's gov etc The thread delves into similar cheats and coincidences that lead to Nova Riata. How is this hard to understand? How is this hard to comprehend? Even most of your allies, believe that Nova Riata, Pooball and it's gov, cheated or were aware that it was happening and did nothing, leading to this incident. What does it take to become this ignorant, and to ignore anything and everything that is almost unquestionable evidence, I think that is reaching new levels of 'lulz'
  3. Please forgive my lack of skills in flag making, but if anyone wishes to make a flag for us, I will greatly appreciate it, and thankfully accept it Note: Every time a new revolutionary joins I will add a clenched fist to the banner Hello... Hello you probably don't know me, or even care to know me, but throughout most of this game, I have been either a simple lowly member or an adviser to a micro, so not at all huge positions. Nova Revolutionary Asymmetric I can't say I'm very political or have been involved in the politics of the game, but as content as I was sitting in Nova Riata as a lowly member, I was not content with letting a government which I had trusted get away with cheating billions into the game, getting the easy way up the ladder, while us of the low tier, who perhaps have been in the game longer than what our city growth should show have been incredibly let down. I have tried to fight for Pooball as I believed in him, as others can testify, however the mounting evidence which even to my meagre knowledge, could say, how obvious it is, I could not defend him any longer, this was a bigger betrayal as I put trust into my alliances, and if they break that trust, then I cannot justify them any longer, and cheating billions into the game is also lame, which is a rather blunt way to put it. Now, I have been quite reluctant to do this, as I have always have had a track record in staying loyal to my alliance even if it has questionable ideology but this, the few days I had built large trust in Pooball, and his government suddenly came crashing down, so I will be creating the revolutionary alliance "NRA" which I will put forward it's agenda, the gov of Nova Riata ), have shut off public channels, and spouted nonsense of which there was clear proof otherwise which is clearly misleading for it's members who participated unwillingly in this scheme, I think that this should be put to an end and that we should redeem ourselves and the alliance we have fought for. Revolutionary Agenda 1. Nova Riata should completely change it's government, those will be kicked out, reprimanded hard, taxed to oblivion etc, we will not be easy on those who participated into this, and forced us unwillingly. 2. All government officials suspected by the general public, shall issue an extensive apology, if they do not, they will be perma warred, although this does not mean that they won't receive harsh punishment anyway, we will not be lenient. 3. We will investigate other alliances, who have possibly have had an affair in this cheat, although most likely not a reality, we will continue our search for every cheater that has been involved with Pooball Revolutionary Awards 1. Anyone that joins NRA will be gifted a badge for taking this great responsibility 2. Your loyalty and dedication will be rewarded, and those that join will gain better loans, grants etc than those who side with the Cheat Clique 3. This will not only most likely further your position in the alliance, strengthen bonds and fight for a cause most worthy, but it will redeem us for unwillingly being part of this charade These three points will be carried dutifully, and NRA will declare revolutionary war against Nova Riata until it accepts it's demands, we also wish to cease hostilities with Pantheon and KETOGG as both wars were carried out by the Cheat Clique. Thank you for reading ~ Foco otherwise known simply as "Jim"
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