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  1. Heartsome is under attack yet again- King Semisi of 'BANABA' has decided to attack a nation with fewer defenses than itself. Guess that's what I get for not starting wars. uwu

  2. Helix Redux


    I absolutely love the Titanfall franchise and all it's done with mechanics balancing on-foot and vehicle (in this case, Titan) gameplay. Honestly, each game has things I like and dislike, such as the second game's infuriating lack of Titan customization, or the first's lack of in-depth pilot customization. I think the skins was a great way to go in the case of 2, along with the new titan classes, but what I miss is that inter-changeability between weapons, chassis types, and secondary abilities. I can see how that would be a problem, however, since the new classes and what they bring would most likely suck when changed about and randomized, or in some cases, overpowered. Nevertheless, I'll miss the original system, but I still like the new one just as well.
  3. Helix Redux


    A discussion relating to the Titanfall series! I...It needs more recognition I think...
  4. I finally have my nation back to being 100% pleased with it's government, my infrastructure is back to what it once was, and I even have a smol navy! Today is a good day ^-^

    1. Balish


      Wait, did Ice Cube use his AK-47 today?
      *Google Search*

      Yes, it was a good day...

  5. Helix Redux

    The Republic of Heartsome

    As you cross the border to the nation of Heartsome, every screen nearby in whatever vehicle you are in turns on and plays a message. On the screen appears the image of a young leader who is along the path to adulthood, but isn't quite there yet. He begins to speak. "H...Hi! I'm Hayden Aris, President of Heartsome...! The people of our small nation will welcome you with open arms and loving hearts as you stay with us! U...Unless you're here to attack us... T...Then maybe not with love... More like... With fear... B...But welcome, nevertheless! We hope you enjoy our shores and shops and the many opportunities for living that we offer! The approval rating is almost over 100%, radiation is back to about 12, and all is good... F...Feel free to stop by our national love festival and pick up something for that special someone in your life!" After the camera-shy president's daily recorded announcement cut out, an announcement is made that you've finally arrived at your destination: The capital city of Heartsome, Hamartia. You take your luggage and face the capital feeling as though you've found a happy place... [[I hope the starter is okay! This is made generic for everyone so that those joining get a sense of what entering the nation would be like ^~^]] [[I'll try to be on when I can, but when I'm not, feel free to continue anyway! Heartsome has a diverse population and can be changed if you don't like a few things in the factbook, given you check it out in the first place... It was referencing thing's I've roleplayed in the past, with friends I adore ^^]]

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