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  1. Unable to Change National Anthem

    Thanks Avakael. A genuine pleasure to see you here.
  2. Unable to Change National Anthem

    I want this to be my national anthem, but the game keeps making my anthem "". Am I doing something wrong, or is this an error?
  3. Do any P&W players play 2K?

    Same. Anything else in 2K17 was borderline unplayable due to load times, but MyLeague was always enjoyable.
  4. I've been here a while

    Well, I'll do that. Thanks.
  5. Do any P&W players play 2K?

    I play 2K a lot, so I was disappointed that P&W has a 2K sub without any recent posts. Does anyone actively play?
  6. But haven't made a forum post until now. So hello. I'm Milo. What's worth looking at around the forum?