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  1. The 1990 game I initially ran ended due to nuclear war, yes. The world situation became incredibly tense for a variety of reasons, and thus a random chance of nuclear war emerged if players didn't diffuse the tension. Instead, the tension was ratcheted up even further (such as China deploying troops at the Taiwan strait and in the Korean DMZ.) This next game, "War on Terror," is set in 2001 and being run by someone else, and plays more like a "game" compared to my Balance of Power games.
  2. I'm bumping this thread since the 1990 game that was mentioned in the original post came to an end a few days ago, the world having gotten to 1993 before exploding in nuclear war. Now there's a new, very differently-run game set in 2001, and I've modified the first post and thread title accordingly.
  3. Game is still ongoing. Currently in 1991. The August Coup is actually successful, at least in the short-term. Currently 37 players.
  4. 46 players as of last count, which is pretty good. In theory the game could support 100+ players.
  5. My forum is actually the most beautiful in the entire world and mankind will forever marvel at its default generic Invisionfree skin.
  6. I'm posting this with permission from the Politics & War webmaster. You can find it here: http://eregime.org/index.php?act=idx
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