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  1. Alliance - The Padamaians - https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7711 Nations in Question: Alt Group A: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=235392 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=235403 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=236135 Alt Group B: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=228628 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=236230 Alt Group B has the added bonus of an E404 coup Spy. The Proof, by admission of their current leader before deciding to leave:
  2. When was there ever a section called "New Players"? None of my proposed changes has a "New player" area.
  3. This is doing the very thing we're trying to avoid. It's just blatant discrimination. We want to give EVERYONE the ability to enjoy the game and express themselves while at the same time giving them an appropriate outlet to do so.
  4. I know this has been tossed around over and over. "Make a Micro Alliance Affairs section" doesn't make sense as everyone in the game has a different idea what a Micro is. But why can't we have a subsection under Alliance Affairs like we have with national Affairs? But instead of making this a "Micro Affairs Section" make an "Alliance RP Section" and a "DoE" section. This eliminates: Micros that want to do stuff with other micros that may not necessarily be treaties, such as "We've opened up talks/embassies with the other party". People being annoyed that Alliance Affairs Section gets "spammed" with issues or topics that aren't full treaty signings DoEs (Declaration of Existences) won't flood the alliance affairs section every time a group of 4-5 friends want to make an alliance. People won't say "Who are you?", "Disband" and "Merge into us" reducing the amount of toxicity shown to some of these new players. This adds: A new way for alliances to work with each other and improve relations using RP as another means of communication A space for the RPers when Politics & War is advertised as a "Nation RP Simulator" that won't find discrimination/belittlement by posting in alliance affairs The ability for not just Micros but Macro alliances to enjoy having their IA/FA staff do some creative writing and add something extra to the game. A reasonable filter so people won't be spammed in alliance affairs and thus in the discords (Please excuse the aspect ratio of the Sub-categories). This change is not intrusive, doesn't change the way the forums act or behave it just adds the missing link that National Affairs has had. We don't need a Alliance RP suggestions section as that can easily just go in Game suggestions. The only other thing you could add is (just like with the National Affairs section) you add an "Alliance RP Archive". Please take the time and share this with everyone. This has been a change that needed to be implemented Looooooooong ago.
  5. Alliance: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7707 Nations: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=235582 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=236009 Possible alts.
  6. 'One way of tracking a player’s status is by how their infrastructure or military units change over time. Selling infrastructure would not apply to this. The main goal in a nation-to-nation war is to destroy the opponent’s military units and infrastructure." Um. raiding tries to accomplish the taking of loot. So would we assume that those with 0 troops would not receive a beige timer. So pirates who use ships only could essentially perma raid someone because they aren't losing enough military. This system addresses a good chunk of issues but not all of them. Especially on the wars where the defender doesn't loose much infra.
  7. Disband and join....you know what. Nobody. Don't join anybody.
  8. So we have every single option for how to manage alliance taxes. But we're missing one that every single alliance can utilize at one point or another. Introducing "Add Everyone to Tax Bracket"! We have a way to add people based on city count. However in alliances that have 15+ different city counts it's tedious and fills the alliance activity feed with nonsense. By have a "Move all" option alliances can move from peacetime taxes to wartime taxes without tediously going through and manually changing every single person or city count. It also give the use to having different tax brackets listed out. Otherwise people just have 1 tax bracket and change the values for that single bracket. By having multiple brackets and moving all members at once you can simple have tax brackets listed as: 25/25 Peace 50/50 War 80/80 Debt Repays 100/100 Inactive And move everyone all at once.
  9. Young Guilo


    Man thinks the idea is so good he had to post about it twice.....
  10. Not the start to the GW I was thinking of but let's give this a go.
  11. The last instant of light before darkness, rays leaping above the horizon for a barest heartbeat after the sun is gone. The flicker of a lantern in the night. The glimmer of starlight falling upon golden sands and churning seas alike. The infinite void covers both friend and foe. The darkness around us conceals untold horrors, and wraps us in its comforting embrace. The burning gold of the desert will make a man, or break him. It brings out the truest natures, highlights the intense beauty of life carved out of death. The sky and sand infinite and magnificent, the expanse of desert a goddess in her own right. Legends are told of places where sea and sky meet land. Where two primal forces find harmony, where they exist in perfect balance, separate from each other and yet perfectly in tune. For what can come of such an exquisite joining, except something legendary? Article One - In Defense of Seas and Sands Should the Assyrian Empire come under attack, Black Skies will send its ships to rain cannon fire down on the enemy. Should Black Skies come under attack, the Assyrian Empire will send its Bedouin warriors to stampede over the enemy. Article Two - Desert Eagles to the Crow’s Nest The Assyerian Empire and Black Skies will keep each other informed through messages, courtesy of the Assyrian’s desert eagles. Black Skies in turn will send coconuts with response letters. After all, we all know the velocity of a coconut laden eagle is perfectly acceptable. Article Three - Cannons and Camels While the Assyrian Empire may find enemies on their lands and wish to seize them, Black Skies ships cannot move over the desert. Likewise, neither can their camels swim. As a result each alliance has the option to join in aggressive wars, allowing that the other can spare means of transportation. Article Four - The Language Barrier The Assyrian Empire and Black Skies have come together as brothers in a common goal. Should one party decide to venture off on their own a 72 hour notice of treaty cancellation must be given. After all, our sailors can’t speak Sumarian. Signed for Black Skies, Alan (Guilo) - Commander of the Black Skies Kzen - Head of FA for Black Skies Independent Russia - Low Gov of FA for Black Skies Signed for Assyrian Empire, JFBO - Emperor of the Assyrian Empire MisstressofWerewolves - FA for Assyrian Empire Introduction written by Adain - Head of Internal Affairs for Black Skies TL;DR - Black Skies and Assyrian Empire sign an MDoAP.
  12. Your sh***y excuse to post just to bump this thread for your ego says a lot.
  13. So to clarify: The graphs are updated at random which can take a couple of days if the randomizer doesn't select your alliance. So some of these could take 4-5 days before any progress is shown. I didn't know how they worked so I was just trying to figure out the mechanics.
  14. So for those who's alliances are constantly shifting up and down due to the large members within your alliance this may not apply to you. I'll save you the trouble by saying this is for emerging micros. When trying to find updated information about the alliance some of the statistics on the alliance page fails to load/refresh. Most notable is the "Alliance Score Over Time" graph. When I started Black Skies there was an entire period between July 3rd and July 6th that the graph didn't update, or even register score change. Now with my alliance growing quickly I can't see these sheer spikes in score on the graphs. Even at 11.7k score the graph only registers 7.5k. However alliances in the top 50 like Grumpy have updated graphs. While this is not a pressing issue I am curious as to why this is happening. Is it that alliances below top 50 aren't updated often? Is there some sort of favoritism that the micro block is unaware of? DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE? Because to be honest I don't know where my alliance score is and why page elements go dead for 3 days at a time.
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