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  1. TIMES OF ERMBER 22nd February 2008 (orbis time) At a recent Democratic party of Ermber convention New Province Governor Mrs. Lydia Benchulu was elected as party president after the party founder Mr. Given Tuyu Hymn resigned from the party joining the ruling Ermber Liberation party and accepting the position of Special diplomatic envoy to Hungadada. The newly appointed Democratic party president is the current serving Opposition representative in the National House of Representative and Provincial governor of New Province. This news brought about much jubilation in the streets of North Ermber as many consider Mrs. Benchulu, a wealthy banking tycoon as the only contender to the Presidency of North Ermber. The ruling party Vice President Mr. Josep Olip Anfur had this to say about this happening, "we've received intel saying the honorable governor of New Province has won the hearts of her fellow party members and won the party's presidency against three others, as the ruling party we would like to congratulate Mrs. Benchulu for this mile stone achievement". The Democratic party founder Mr. Hymn could not be reached for comment as he had already departed for Port Royalty, Hungadada.
  2. TIMES OF ERMBER 21st February 2008 (orbis time) President Franci der Phoenic this morning swore in Mr. Clide du Sot as Energy, Science & Ecology minister replacing the first lady Mrs. Yzme der Phoenic and replacing Mr. du Sot as Mines & Agriculture minister is Ms. Veronita Umbe. At the same ceremony held at the National Government building in Central district, Provincia Island president Franci der Phoenic also took time to recognize the newly sworn in chief justice Mrs. Irena Mufon, the newly sworn in director of public prosecutions and former chief justice Mr. Guye Benason after which the president then officiated during the swearing in of Mr. Kranf Kurit as Braeston Province governor and Ms. Dorick Hadinold as Munsoon Province governor at the same ceremony. Also present at the official ceremony held in the Government Swearing-in room were the traditional chiefs of the northern parts of North Ermber called Norza Umba. Source ENPBC & North Ermber Insider
  3. TIMES OF ERMBER 15th December 2007 At the newly build National government building the republican minister of defence and national security addressed journalists in the press room highlighting the state governments stance in the ruthless attacks on North Ermber. Mrs Kafonia Hongona stated; "Today we say enough, we know they conspire against us in their private meetings, they find delight in seeing our destruction but we shall not yield, this time we shall raise our swords, guns and axes and we shall fight back and defend our country, enough is enough, the army, air force and navy have been working tirelessly and to support them we've establish the North Ermber National Service (ENS) to function as a paramilitary organ of the home affairs tasked and mandated to fight in wars as task forces, trained to help rebuild and to facilitate shelters. My president has already commandeered 6 navy attacks showing we are never backing down, we shall fight for our land dearly and whole hearted! The defence minister also mentioned the immediate reassignment of offices in the governance that were soon to be announced, the new Ermber National central intelligence & Information Agency director general was seen giving special orders but wasn't introduced by the minister.
  4. TIMES OF ERMBER 25th October 2007 (orbis time) The government of North Ermber has stipulated and maintained that Republisa shall remain the capital provincial city and shall be home to the National House of Representatives parliament building while the National government building shall be located in Provincia Island east of the capital. Source ENPBC
  5. TIMES OF ERMBER 24th October 2007 (orbis time) The parliamentary democratic republic of North Ermber this day celebrate the achievement of a total 1,968.16 GDP per capita and 1,000,000,000.00 in GDP. The North Ermber central bank hosted a party at the government hotel in Republisa to mark the big occasion, speaking at the occasion was the presidents special assistant for finance and accounting Mrs. Ronalda Vidos and the secretary to the state treasury Mrs. Haid Clonforth. This mile stone achievement is also thanks to the growing commerce rates and the new government economic and domestic policies. The people of North Ermber now enjoy a more luxury filled lifestyle than ever before in the countries 60 years of existence. While recently the government introduced a new currency (Zloty- Zl) and revised a few mining policies while selling shares in major companies. After the event at the government hotel Mr. Gal Law, special assistant to the president for economics & statistics stated "were proud as the government to have been part of such a hugh milestone, our lead truly has a plan for us and we should but trust him. Privatization and decentralization is new thing in North Ermber, never before did any government sell off most of its assets but here we are, they said this would cause our economy to fall but its booming bigger than before".
  6. TIMES OF ERMBER 10th October 2007 (orbis time) North Ermber President Franci der Phoenic this afternoon announced his government stance on nobility. The head of state addressed a gathering at the commissioning of some of the reconstructed infrastructures of all sorts, the government came up much fire after it earlier announced its decision to abolish nobility. President Franci der Phoenic stated "The republican government has stayed its motion to abolish nobility and having power to, I hereby abolish nobility and all properties belonging to the state should be handed back to the state, failure to comply will lead to us using force. Nobody shall live without paying simple tax, henceforth I direct the republican guard to visit all the royal families and tell them to vacate those palaces, they are nolonger noble nor royalty, this is a republican state and we have laws". This came as a surprise considering the president has been meeting with all the royal families this week.
  7. TIMES OF ERMBER 1st October 2007 (orbis time) North Ermber President Mr. Franci der Phoenic this morning attended a breakfast ceremony held in his honor on the newly developing island of Isinma located to the south of the main land. The president was invited by King Roud to discuss matters of state. King Roud abdicated the throne and crown of the monarchy North Ermber in 1999 after fierce battles with the Liberation army. King Roud has often been credited for developing North Ermber, introducing Education, science and technology. The Mr. Roud ruled for 10 years and is considered a legend and icon. The bank of Ermber recently released the newly revised currency and the Zl10 note has the face of the now 53 year old former ruler. The president attended the ceremony alongside the first family, the home affairs minister and the state prime minister at the Royal farm in Imperial region of isinma island.
  8. TIMES OF ERMBER 30th September 2007 (orbis time) North Ermber national secretary to the Treasury Mrs. Haid Clonforth has announced that the republican government has disbursed +Zl600,000.00 funding national reconstruction projects in Munsoon Province and Provincia Island, the secretary to the treasury also stated that the government realized that other provinces were severally hit and could have also benefited from the monies but she assured all local government of the republican governments commitment to raise funds to help rebuilding both private and public infrastructure. Life has gone back to normal in the tourist capital and the provincial island after the government rebuilt all the infrastructure lost in the war, gave out small loans and donated necessary items to private institutions affected. And in other news Barely 48hrs after winning the tender to build the new government building the North Ermber national buildings & plumbing department has started construction works and has partnered some private contractors to work alongside with. Speaking to reporters at the site was Industries, Works & Supply minister Mr. Levet Ongadi, the minister stated his ministry has also won public tenders to facilitate the reconstruction of public infrastructure thus creating employment. The minister also said that his ministry was sponsoring its workers to trade schools, colleges and universities for higher education, the ministry currently running reconstructions nationwide is said to create a total of 98,000 jobs countrywide by october 5,2007 (orbis time).
  9. TIMES OF ERMBER 30th September 2007 (orbis time) Special Report by the North Ermber Insider "And a voice from above said, Franciz derk Phyoeinic, this is your life, take the boat and fight for your people, surely I'm with you, Urmber is mine people, as surely as you shall still worship me on the fourth day of the week I'll smile on you once again, let the eagle lead you through the oceans and seas follow the waters to the end of the world, born of the water the god your lord came to you, let him fight with you". The Prophesy President Franci der Phoenic got while seeking refuge at the Holy Visoi island during the wars. This prompted the head of state to return to the main land to reclaim authority as the head of state and commander in chief of the Ermber defence forces. The president took part in 3 of the 7 navy attacks in foreign nations and was on board the sally navy war ship for weeks. Arguably the most heroic moment was when the president and his elite joint edf task force parachuted into action in Republisa holding off attacks in the imperial district and patrolling the surrounding area for enemy soldiers.
  10. TIMES OF ERMBER 30th September 2007 (orbis time) President Franci der Phoenic has stressed the need for coexistence, peace & Harmony among Orbis nations. The president addressed reporters at the New Province dry dock before commissioning two new navy ships after 5 were lost in an act of sabotage by the USNG nation. President Franci der Phoenic also said "There is no need for war, peace is all we need to grow spiritually and physically, I implore my fellow heads of state in Orbis to practice seize fires and declare war a negative form of dispute resolution". The government of North Ermber has suffered a total loss of state properties worth Zl1,965,543.00 due to the wars. The government building destroyed include the Munsoon presidential retreat house, Braeston National defence building, Capital House in Republisa and the under construction Dawn Estate in New Province. The cabinet announced its plans to construct a new government building in Provincia Island and construct atleast two government buildings on the main land.
  11. TIMES OF ERMBER 11th September 2007 (orbis time) While a vote is underway to change the capital city, a vote was passed changing the national currency to Zloty. The note has been printed baring the face of King Omself II.
  12. TIMES OF ERMBER 10th September 2007 (orbis time) Vice President Inan Sint this morning entered the North Ermber air space amidst a ground attack by the USNG. The Vice President was forced to land in a remote location in the north most part of North Ermber where the commerce minister is helping survey the area alongside the National Lands & Forestry Authority and National Wildlife & Tourism Authority officers. In the capital Republisa province, the emergency seating of the National House of Representatives at the parliament building has approved a motion that will see the construction of a new government building in the uninhibited lands surrounding the newly discovered Katarfor village in the northern most region of North Ermber. This is due to the fact that the current government building is located in the central part of town and is a key target in most attacks. The President was part of the seating alongside several cabinet ministers and provincial governors.
  13. And the North Ermber republican government accepts the offer of diplomatic ties between the Federation of Russia and the Republic of North Ermber.
  14. TIMES OF ERMBER 7th September 2007 (orbis time) BREAKING NEW - 7pm new After another attack was carried out by the USNG destroying 33 infrastructure in Munsoon Province of North Ermber, the commander in chief order a Navy attack. The attack destroyed 22.31 infrastructure in the city of RW Mistake: Baronus and destroyed 1 improvement, a barracks plus 829 soldiers inside.
  15. TIMES OF ERMBER 7th September 2007 (orbis time) The North Ermber republican government has announced through Mr. Jeus Sevet, the government spokesperson that a special entourage of diplomats has taken off for Hungadada on official government business. The government spokesperson said "Vice President Inan Sint and a special delegation consisting of the presidents special assist for development and the vice presidents special representatives have left for Hungadada capital Port Royalty and are expected to land at 04am tomorrow at the Imperial Air force base and shall be met by the Imperial Air force commander Mr. Jonathon Jones and an earlier sent team of scientists. They are in the imperial monarchy to observe and learn from the HAA and the HCESA responsible for sending Hungadada's first space satellite called Omega one, the government of North Ermber wishes to learn of the technical advancements made by our counter parts for us to come build our own space station and to install our first satellite in the orbis space. The Vice president is on board the republican presidential aerocraft escorted by 6 fighter jets who'll turn back upon the aerocraft's entry into Hungadada air space". This news was followed by a secret commissioning of the very first North Ermber National Space Centre (NSCE) in the northern village of Katarfor.
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